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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Saga of the Ragdoll, part Trois

This morning my new "baby" actually stayed downstairs and watched me leave for work. She is beginning to get the idea that she can be on either floor of the house and doesn't have to live under the bed when I'm not home. YEAH! Although, since this particular breed likes to be "near" people and has the tendency to follow you from room to room, we may never get over this hiding thing in toto.

Maybe it's me that has to change and not the cat. She certainly isn't living up to her breed's reputation for being uber affectionate and docile - as she has attempted to bite me several times - usually during grooming a matted section of her coat. I have also witnessed cat temper, re vigorous tail wagging (a sign of displeasure/annoyance) and she absolutely will not be held. Although, she did sleep in my lap for almost a full hour last night. Hmmm, maybe she's a schizoid cat. More attention, love and bribery with yummies are in order.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I Love Wednesdays!

I used to dislike Wednesdays intensely ... My day would start at 7 am, quilting at 9-12, work from 1-10 and not get home until 10:30. It was just too long and gruelling. Now, well my day still starts at 7 am, and quilting is only an occasional Wednesday, but work is only until 6 pm - which means I can get home have dinner and still be awake in time to watch DEADWOOD! Yeah!

OMG - I am so totally hooked ... I have never been this hooked on a television series before - no, wait, I lie, there was Upstairs/Downstairs or Antiques Roadshow (British, American or Canadian), or ... no, with any of those I wasn't so crazy as to go online and read the episodes before and after the actual viewing. I didn't watch the first, second and third viewing - staying up all night to do so, then wait months for the reruns. I AM totally hooked - what a goof! Could be worse.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Saga of the Ragdoll part Deux

Well, we've made progress! "Willow" (don't worry this name will change - soon) has come out of hiding. I was able to coax her out from under my living room chair for about an hour on Sat. evening. Sunday was even better as she came out from hiding twice, ate some food and even came when I called her. The real progress is she has let me groom her, always a good sign, and slept - well sort of slept, on my bed with me.
I have discovered that she is a jumper, likes to be up high on the furniture, doesn't like to be held but does like to be petted, and doesn't actually meow, she peeps like a bird.
The search for a more appropriate name continues. I'm toying with: Sari, Iris, Shadow and Sparrow. Sparrow might be the most appropriate as she is a tiny wee thing, 1/4 the size of Sada, and peeps like a bird! Anyway, whatever her name is peeped at me several times in the night, she will learn that when the lights are out and "mommy's" in bed its time to sleep!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Saga of the Ragdoll

Ok, against my better judgement and and in another fit of soft heartedness I have once again become the victim of a rescue cat. Yes - I say victim, because once again I have opened my home to an animal who would otherwise be homeless, even though I promised myself to take a vacation from pet ownership! Yes, I do miss Sada (previous cat) terribly, or rather I miss her companionship. On the other hand I was very much enjoying not cleaning litter, not sweeping the floor 3 times per day, not cleaning up fur balls, being able to go where I like, when I like without worry, etc.
I was lured back into cativity by the prospect of owning a ragdoll, a lovely docile breed. The pic above is a facsimile as currently the "baby" has gone to ground and is hiding somewhere in my house in abject terror. OH NO! One reason the previous owners surrendered the cat was that the poor thing was terrorized living in their multi-animal home; a classic case of humans putting their emotional needs/wants above the animal's welfare. The previous owners arrived with no breeder's papers, no veterinary records, a small tub of food and the cat's "nest". I'm sure they "loved" the cat, but love should not be confused with appropriate stewardship., having said that I recognise that life circumstances do change. They then proceeded to sit in my living room for the next 2 1/2 hours and divulge way too much personal family information before breaking into tears as they left.

So, my hope is that this timid sweetie will not be too terribly traumatized by the change in home environment, can confidently overcome the residue scent of Sada, and come out of hiding to live a happier more peaceful existence in my quieter home as my companion.

I'll keep you posted ....


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

TaDa! My first Sun Bonnet Sue! I've been quilting for nearly 30 years - can you believe I finally made one. I know I know - there are a lot of anti Sun Bonnet Sue people out there, and I'm not necessarily a fan, but this was a commissioned piece for a little girl's first birthday. I'm sure she will enjoy it.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Kindness of Friends

Last week my animal companion of 16 years, Sada, passed away. Of course this was sad, yet not unexpected. Sada was epileptic and I had been warned that her anti-seizure medication might shorten her life. It has left me out-of-sorts and at odds. No one to greet me at the door, no one to fuss over, no one to feed, no one to purr on my lap, to kiss or to hug. At the same time there is a tinge of relieve, I no longer need to race home to ensure she gets her medication within x hours, no longer have to clean up after, no longer have to watch her seizures, no litterbox, etc. She was a BIG cat and a BIG presence in my life, and will be missed.

I want to thank all my friends and family who were so kind and sensitive in sending me cards of condolence - yes, people do grieve for their pets. I especially want to thank my namesake, for sending this fab pic of me and Sada, and my tall friend who gave me a guardian angel cat pin in memory of Sada. The kindness of friends warms my heart. Thank you.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Critical Assessment versus Just Entertainment

Quote of the day on my personalized Google page is:
"Only fools are positive" by - Moe Howard
Love it love it love it.... agrees with one of my new mantras -The power of Pessimism

Had an interesting discussion with a friend this past weekend, and once again I was surprised by the attitude - " I watch movies/read books just for the entertainment" I don't know why this surprises me. Personally, I have always analyzed what I am reading or viewing or hearing, ever since I was a child I was taught to question/reason/assess - to learn from each and every experience. Of course it is perfectly reasonable and understandable that some/many people just want to be entertained, and I admit that there are times when I actually enjoy mindless entertainment - mainly in front of the boob tube. In fact I know many many people who "just want to be entertained". Escapism is a reality!
None-the-less, for myself I still enjoy analyzing movies or plays or books with a critical eye so as to get the most from the experience.

A critic is - one who discerns, criticism is the act of judgement or informed interpretation. To quote Natalia Poncela, "criticism acts as a mediator between cultural products, principally between material culture and its viewers. Criticism interprets, transcribes, translates and verbalizes everything that is pre-verbal, perceptive, or symbolic, turning it into something pronounceable and meaningful." I think perhaps some people mistakenly think all criticism is hostile or putting a negative spin on something, but it's not! For me there is nothing wrong with viewing with a critical eye. For me criticism interprets and illuminates and opens the overall experience. It can be as small as saying "that was a great movie", or as deep as discussing the camera angles chosen by the director. For me the enjoyment comes with critical appraisal. To paraphrase Moe: "Only fools view without critique"

Monday, August 20, 2007

So, during this year's summer vacation I did some "antiquing" and after much fun and a plethora of wonderful shops I discovered just the thing I was NOT looking for! The above pic is not my own, but a reasonable facsimile of the actual church pew I purchased for my front hall. Of course, I actually started out on my shopping foray to obtain a digital camera, and if I hadn't gone directly into the first antique store I saw, I might actually have purchased a digital camera ... which, of course was the new acquitisiton I need, versus the acquisition I want. There's that shopping psychology catch 22 again!

The small pew I purchased is made of pine while the pictured pew is of oak .... not that I'm a wood snob or anything, but I musy say that I prefer pine! I am thoroughly happy and feel this exquisite addition pleasantly compliments the rest of my collection of antiques and collectibles.

Now back to the budgeting - so that maybe - just maybe - on my next shopping spree I will actually get that digital camera!


Friday, June 29, 2007


I've just been subjected to another example of discretionary faux pas. For the second time in recent months I've witnessed a mother disclose extremely personal and private information about one of their adult children.

While I totally understand the need to talk through/share difficult life circumstances. Even though it's your adult child's relationship issues, it is still a stress filled and challenging life event - especially for a caring mother. None-the-less, is it proper ? acceptable? appropriate? for a mother to disclose all the private, personal details of their adult child's life issues? Do all mothers talk about their children like that? DID MY MOTHER TALK ABOUT ME LIKE THAT ??? Probably, OMG!

When does sharing cross the line and become gossiping? even amongst "friends". How/when did motherhood become a license to disclose all their children's secrets. For some reason I find it especially perplexing when it's your adult child's secret. OMG - that's unfair - a mother SHOULD respect her child and his/her privacy regardless of the child's age!

Or am I mistaken? Maybe I have an overly developed sense of privacy. If I want to disclose personal issues about myself - that's my business. But I sure as H don't want my mother talking about me!!!

Opps - I guess I'll have to stop talking about her now.... Hmmmmmmm.

Post Script. This weekend I witnessed another episode of Motherhood indiscretion. So, it appears to be ubiquitous, and, at least in their mind, this type of misstep is excused under the mantle of "but I/she was just so concerned for you dear".

That gets another hmmmmmmmmm.

Monday, June 18, 2007


What do I hate more than Mondays ? Spending the weekend cleaning. I realllllly don't know what gets into me, but every now and then I get this incredibly stupid urge - no, not an urge a need to clean. I don't mean run a duster around the room, I mean move every piece of furniture, on your hands and knees scrubbing- type of cleaning. It took me ALL WEEKEND, and I barely finished (ok - I didn't really finish - either room - but they're sortakinda back together).

Of course, while in the act of cleaning I also need to move each piece of furniture to new parts of the room/house. Some might, just might suspect that the real urge is not to clean, but to move furniture! AHA - perhaps you're right. I must admit I'm beginning to suspect that myself. I think it's a need for "something new" a new design - a new flooplan - maybe it is a displaced urge from lack of shopping. My mother used to change her dining room linens each season, from one colour to another, as if it made any difference.

Oh maybe it's just the influence of all those fabulous home design shows on HGTV. Who knows and who cares, I do know one thing - I'm not getting any younger, and these "urges" are taking a heavier toll on the old bod. I think I'll skip Yoga tonight and go home to nurse the sore and achy muscles.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The saga of the sick cat

A friend was complaining to me the other day 'cause her 20+ year old cat is not using her litter box as she should. Bad cat, bad cat. Maybe it's getting senile, maybe it's sick, maybe you should breakdown and take it to the vet.... Maybe I should MYOB. Well, the fates are working overtime. Sada (my cat) decided not only to throwup, and not just once or twice but three times, but to combine that with her usual - hey I can go #2, all over the house! AND I mean allover. So I spent my day off cleaning up the cat's mess! Who says they're better than having a kid?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Read a couple of interesting e-news articles recently which made me smile. It's official, I'm a Spinsterella - I LOVE IT ! or, is that Quirkyalone, (defined as "a person who enjoys being single , but is not opposed to being in a relationship, and generally prefers to be alone rather than date for the sake of being in a couple.) Then there's Bella DePaulo's Singles Papers and Lectures . So singles unite ... we're not alone and we're FAB.

The second article which affected me was, ok wait for it ..... in Wikipedia! Anyway, bla bla bla it was talking about the issue of intelligence, measurement thereof and social acceptance/adjustment. It seems, and didn't I intuitively know this already, there are several kinds of intelligence (defined as the ability to associate, or more simply, to learn.) Apparently there are at least eight types of intelligence, logical, linguistic, spatial, musical, kinesthetic (the capacity to use your whole body or parts of your body), naturalist (ability to discriminate among living things and/or a sensitivity to the natural world), intra-personal (having an understanding of yourself, of knowing who you are, what you can do, what you want to do) and inter-personal intelligences (understanding other people),. Personally I would combine intra and inter personal into emotional intelligence.
Now, having been tested and informed of my IQ (?). I would hazard a guess that I am strong in musical, kinesthetic (I work well with my hands - needlework etc - but am not an athlete), naturalist and intrapersonal, somewhere in the middle for logical and linguistic, and weaker in spatial (don't know my directions and still can't judge distances), and inter-personal. My "IQ" has made the development of a strong sense of self esteem somewhat challenging because schools, educators, parents, society in general and psychometric tests address only linguistic and logical plus some aspects of spatial intelligence. Added to that is the known correlation between IQ differences and social acceptance. So, there is hope for me yet, I'm not quite the moron I frequently feel I am ...


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pace of Life

This morning on the BBC I heard a story about the accelerated pace of life. NO KIDDING! Now, I am a slow walker, I admit it to everyone. I'm neither a slow nor fast talker, I talk normally - people can understand me- I think. I am willing to admit that I am also a slow eater. According to this BBC story "People are walking 10% more quickly than a decade ago" which confirms my suspicion that I'm not getting slower but that everyone else is getting faster! Again, according to the BBC article "We are constantly in touch with each other and getting back to people as quickly as we can. That's driving us to think everything has to happen now!" No, you don't have to be in contact with everyone ALL the time! Everything does NOT have to happen NOW. And while I'm on this rant ..... your personal priorities are NOT the same as mine!

That's why I prefer hand quilting to machine quilting. Hand quilting takes more time - IT'S SUPPOSED TO. For me, the purpose of making a quilted item is to enjoy the journey

So to everyone, including myself, I say - RELAX ..... SLOW DOWN ..... enjoy the road less travelled!


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blue Mondays

Blue Mondays

I really must resolve to just disinherit Mondays. Mondays should simply not exist... or, if they do exist we should be allow - no , we should be PAID to just stay in bed and watch Martha and Rosie and not face other human beings. Of course, the trouble with that strategy is that all the Monday angst will be forwarded to Tuesdays!
This past Monday I broke several of my personal "golden rules" in another of those days when my brain simply was not fully engaged - does everybody have those days or is it just me? You know, the kinda day at the end of which you determine that OMG you were total reactive mode rather than considered/thoughful/sensitive and responsive mode.

All you can do is pick up the pieces of your week, which has barely begun, and move on hoping no-one/few people have actually noticed your fauz pas. Of course Tuesday this week was a real winner - with the campus incident in Virginia. Rosie and Baba were interesting today in their perspectives on this one, but not on the mark. IMHO the real big issue here is to change our society so that people are not marginalized/bullied to the point where they resort to gun violence. At least this was the opinion voiced on CBC Radio One, Ontario Morning show, and I fully agree! There - I'm not too radical, and it's not a rant if someone else broadcast it first . nay nay nay...

BTW 85 people were found dead in Iraq April 17th, 32 at Virginia Tech - which is the bigger tragedy and who is the
real demon here?

Happy quilting ladies and gents! TTFN

Thursday, April 12, 2007

What do I want?

Recently I was asked by an acquaintance, What do you want? She probably meant the question in some rather specific to the moment, pedestrian way. None-the-less, as is my wont, I interpreted the question differently. The wanderings of my eclectic mind led me to think up a list, and here it is for what its worth:
Makes ya think - don't it.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Unshopping - hummmm , I like that - sort of like unsewing. Funny thing though - I have no problem spending money on fabric or gas for the car, of food for the cat, it's only when I spend money on clothes .... that's the "life strategy" I'm still developing.

We learn as we grow ;)

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rant - Who Me???

For all you readers out at sea ..... who think OMG does she ever do anything but rant?

WRONG - I don't rant. My posts are a conscious attempt to communicate the angst of modern day living in an unconnected world where I have an existentially difficult time pursuing a sense of community - aka dealing with the alienation of a modern day single !

So, d
oes she ever talk about the mundane ? You betcha.
Yesterday I went to several clothing stores and spent endless hours searching, evaluating. modelling and for the most part - rejecting numerous, no, copious amounts of clothing. After becoming way to dejected/depressed, I triumphantly emerged with my own conspicously overly abundant bundle of unneeded new clothing! OK, OK, I SHOPPED!

Shopping is a curious thing. Compelled by our uber-consumer obsessed society, shopping frequently takes the place of other activities and has several disquieting, less than positive social overtones associated with it. Personally I have analysed my own situation, but am not yet sucessful in completely escaping its grip! Shopping, at certain times of the year, at least for me, still holds an all-encompassing allure so powerful that the act becomes something irrational - something like eating chocolate. Even though my logical mind understands that I should simply NOT GO INTO A STORE, I can still end up going home with bags and bags of needlessly purchased items YIKES!

The shopping endorphin high is very short lived, replaced quickly by the ever familiar quilt-ridden depression because I've "wasted my money" - Thanks MOM! I really must learn to disassociate the purchase of new items with social approval - maybe then I'll be able to break the shopping cycle and just enjoy it!

or maybe not...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Mornings ....

It's official, I hate Monday mornings, even after - or especially after a three day weekend! I wonder if after I retire I'll still hate Monday mornings. I suspect so, I'll have to check with my retired friends to see if this is so.

Spent the weekend working on a Robyn Pandolph applique piece (I really need to get a digital camera). Managed a wee bit of cleaning, which at this time of year also requires furniture re-arranging.


Monday, February 26, 2007

How to be a Supportive Friend

So the weekend was great, did some antiquing with a friend. I was along for moral support and the vicarious shopping experience. Was almost tempted to purchase a lovely walnut Eastlake style Gingerbread clock, but resisted the temptation. Yeah for me for being strong! Then we went out for dinner. I wasn't planning on it but sensed my friend wanted the company.
Spent the rest of the weekend doing house chores and getting a quilt ready to be basted. It will be mainly be hand quilted. It's for charity and the quilt top was donated. The person who donated it did not do a good job of piecing and the only way to get rid of the wrinkles, waves and warps is to fudge it - something not easily done with machine quilting. I know this can be a difficult pattern, but hey - just because it's charity doesn't mean you can dump yer junk!

So the topic for today is "How to be a Supportive Friend" - yup, that's right, not a rant!!!
A couple of life lessons I've learned ....
  • your job is to LISTEN - there's an art to listening and here's the biggest hint - DON'T INTERRUPT or express your own opinion, you're there to listen not talk. Your friend needs to express herself, her thoughts and opinions,
  • DON'T JUDGE. No one can truly open up and discuss what's on their mind or heart if they fear being judged! Remember the golden rule ...people in glass houses
  • give feedback/your own opinion only when asked - unsolicited advice is unwelcome, patronizing and insulting
  • BE HONEST - if you don't want what someone has just generously offered - say No ThankYou. This is direct yet still polite, and much much nicer than the blow-off lie "I'll come and get some latter" Who you kidding? Don't think the person you just said that to doesn't have a clue!
  • Help find a solution which maintains everyone's dignity. In the east they call it saving face - same thing. The best solution is one that works for everyone!!!
  • Allow your friend to make their own life choices. It may not be what you would have chosen - but it's not your choice - it's their life!
.Here's some websites I've found:
Ok, enough proselytizing for one day! TTFN

Monday, February 19, 2007

I Really Really Really Hate Winter!

I really really really hate winter! At least by mid February I do! I'm just really really tired of snow storms and digging myself out of snow drifts and wearing 27 layers of clothes, and doubling up on socks and mitts and. I'm sick of my winter wardrobe, I'm sick of the cold, I'm sick of no daylight - Phew I'm exhausted before I even get outside!

One great thing this weekend I finished the vintage quilt repair job - well, not totally, I still have to
replace the binding, but I have finished replacing, oh about 300-400 individual pieces on a vintage log cabin. Did I want to do this ? Am I crazy? Was I "voluntold" by a family member? YES! Do I expect payment - You Betcha - big time!

So, next week I hope to get help sandwiching/basting a charity double wedding ring I'll be hand quilting. I guess I'll have to get on the phone and call in some help! I may not get to quilting it, but I can at least get it basted this year ! Next I hope to make up something for our "Tree" challenge. I have lots of ideas, unusual for me, so I really want to get started and make something. Also, since this is the year of the "Golden Pig" I'm hoping to get to work on the McKenna Ryan Pigs quilt - yeah!
Lots of ideas - so little time. Oh, and I can't forget the Robyn Pandolph workshop, after all I took a whole day off work to go even though I really don't need lessons in applique, and I'm not particularly interested in folky quilts ... so remind me - why did I sign up for this thing anyway?? For something to do - 'cause I don't have enough to do - HA!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Week from H - Part Deux

So, the week from H contines ....

Had Friday off so started the day with a meeting with my financial advisor - you know, that woman ( I only deal with women, not because I'm Lesbian - not that there's anything wrong with that, but because by doing so I'm making a statement of confidence and I'm a Feminist - not a dirty word!) - that woman who understands numbers and all that other gobbl
ygook financial speak. Things are looking good, I won't ever be rich, but I think I won't starve - which is the point.
After that I scooted off to the local "Value Village" thrift store to look for good wool sweaters to wear. Of course there was nothing because of all those crafters that got there before me and who will felt all the great sweaters and make stupid little purses out of them - am I jealous - YES! Its too D#$% cold out to waste a great wool sweater making a purse.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was a write off - working with you know who (see Jan. 26th entry). I was realllly good and managed not to blow the top of my head off, or lose my cool. I actually managed to keep my mouth shut (will wonders never cease) and not respond to the conversation hog/know-it-all.

Monday was looking like it should be a great day. The sun was shining and it had actually w
armed up a degree or two. I popped out to start the car to let it warm up . I was barely back in side my condo when CRASH! Some "Stupid student" came racing into the parking lot and crashed in MY CAR - only one of two in the parking lot!!! Did he have his license? Insurance ? Ownership ? NOOOO, nothing but a cell phone - not even his car - probably borrowed from his unwitting (or should I say witless) roommate. What kinda idiot leaves the house with nothing but a cell phone? OK, maybe he's not a student, but he is a YSM (Young Stupid Male) - you know the type - the ones who think they own the world! GRRRRRRRRR
So, after spending several WASTED minutes watching this idiot attempt to reassure me, that indeed "He is an honest person, bla bla bla, and will pay cash for the damage - bla bla bla", I left to go about my chores. But hey - wait - now the engine light is on - AGAIN. So now the vehicle from H has to make another visit to that expensive repair shop - the third visit in 3 months !!!! Off to visit the mother and help her with her new computer, then off to sit at the DR's office for 1 HOUR - just to get a prescription refill! So much for an enjoyable day off!

Now Tuesday - I start my morning as usual, and am sitting in the hall drinking my tea while the car warms
up. Now doesn't that nice little mouse, the one that's been in my basement ripping into the bags of bird seed, he/she decides to make an appearance and scamper across the hall and under the basement door. Of course I yelp loudly which raises the alarm for Sada the cat - who rouses herself from her after breakfast stupor just to come over and stare at me! Useless cat - not a mouser at all!

Now just in case you think all my weeks are from H, no. Tuesday actually was a good day as I received my new piece of art from Richard Kirk, named Mr. Buttons. OOOOOh, it will go in my sewing room - or over my bed. I'm sooo happy. It reminds me of myself and my best friend when we were eight, and I love the buttons!

So, Friday is looking ugly, a long time friend of the family has passed away - so I'll be commuting between the car repair shop and the funeral home. Yuck. Here's hoping NEXT week is relaxed, peaceful and uneventful! I deserve it~!
Cheers and Ta Ta for now.