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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall Beginning

Well, the B-I-L and nephew came over this weekend and trimmed up my Forsythia and Rose of Sharon bushes and the nephew put the patio to bed. The weather has been so lovely it seemed a shame to do this so early, but on the other hand I'm glad to get this done. I still have several other fall chores before I'm ready for Thanksgiving - which isn't that far away - Yikes! Must get that Pumpkin bread made next weekend!
I decided to bring in my Boston Fern and see if I can coax it through the winter. I even had a fern stand in the basement, so why not try. I shook it up a bit so hope I haven't imported too many bugs into the house. Any hints on caring for these plants inside?
It was homecoming on campus this weekend, and for a change I was NOT on duty - yeah! Of course I did witness the inevitable car accident (in front of Costco) on Saturday. Seems to happen every year when there are so many visitors in town. 2 young blondes furiously texting mom & dad while 3 ambulances took away those who were hurt :(. This week was eventful for the Sew Whats as the partner of one of our members graciously cooked a full Indonesian meal for us all - oh Yummmy :) Thanks June and John !
My accomplishments for the week was to complete last week's POTC and a new one for this week .
I really like this one and think I may post it to Pinterest. The brown striped fabric was purchased as a binding for a previous quilt , obviously I purchased too much as I still have a couple of meters of it. Worked out great for this block! Well, that's about all for me.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunny Sunday :)

It's another lovely sunny Sunday :) Don't know about you but I can't get enough of them. September is almost over (omg!) and it will soon be time to think about putting the patio to bed :(.
So, here it is my McKenna Ryan triptych. It's currently on my bulletin board at work and giving me a smile every time I look at it. I still need to get some labels on the two newest ones. I plan on hanging them in my front hall. That will be a first for me .... I haven't hung any of my own quilts since the 80's! Will be a nice change to have something of my own on the walls. Recently when doing my overdue spring cleaning - actually done in late summer - I found my temple rubbing from Thailand. I've been carting that thing around since the late 60's (omg!!), so thought it was time to get it framed and on the wall. Well, my framer is bogged down with too much work (lucky him), so I am anxiously waiting and waiting. I hope to give you a pic of this lovely soon. In the meantime, here is this week's unfinished POTC block.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Win Win Win :)

My quilt guild does a draw for fat quarters and a door prize at every meeting. Well, I've been a member for close to 15 years and never won the door prize, and rarely win even a fat quarter :(. Last year at the last meeting of the year I finally won the door prize. Wellllll, guess what - I won again :) :). First meeting of the year and I won Nocturne - a kit with 3 packs of Moda 6" triangles (80 in a pack), the pattern and the backing - woohoo!! Nice win eh! Thanks to Judy Balint from Cornerstone Quilts who donated this prize. This will take a while to get done as I have soooo  many UFOs on my list.
My second win of the week was home grown. I made an arrangement with one of the teenagers in my complex - he can park (for free) in my "spare" parking spot in exchange for taking my garbage to the curb each week - woohoo! May not seem like a big deal for most of you lucky readers who have garbage pickup @ the end of your drive. In my complex we have to drag it uphill to the street! I figure that's a win win for both of us :)
The mater had a perm this Sat so the wait @ the hairdresser was longer than usual. That's ok as I have discovered this is a great place/time to piece together more POTC blocks. Here's the latest - I'm so addicted.
I finished the binding on my 2 McKenna Ryan cats, and showed them at guild. I'm not fussy with the picture our guild blog has of me (ok, don't go running over to the LFQG blog just to see it). I'm never comfortable with pics of myself :(.  Right now the hangings are on my bulletin board at work, so I'll have to take the camera into work to get a good pic of them - stay tuned!
That's all for this week, but September sure has started off well:)

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Summer's over :(

It's labour day weekend so summer is officially over :(. That also means - they're back (University students) !!! Ugh. My sister joined us and we took the mater clothes shopping on Friday, had the most fun picking  out a new outfit for great grand daughter Claire! Go figure. My sister also took the mater for her Saturday hair/brunch/grocery/pharmacy shopping tour, so I'm having a mini holiday before facing the gauntlet @ work - YEAH !
My addiction to POTC blocks hasn't fizzled out. Last week I showed you this unfinished block and promised to show you the fabric of origin. It's all put together now and I'm pleased with how it turned out. This week's stitching included 2 more POTC blocks ...
The one on the right and the one on the left are new this week. All three come from the same piece of fabric. Just goes to show you how different they can turn out, which of course is all part of the fascination of fussy cutting POTC blocks!!
Spent time yesterday machine quilting the last of the McKenna Ryan cat triptych. Hoping to get them done and bound in time for our Guild meeting on Thursday - starting the new year off with a bang! Wish me luck!!