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Friday, August 21, 2009

White Sparrow

So as I'm pulling out of the driveway on my way to work the other day I noticed an all white Sparrow. I mean white, as in Albino white, as in the absence of colour, as in no colour at all! I've never seen an albino bird before. True, I've seen white Egrets, white Seagulls, white Swans and even some white Pigeons,  but never a white Sparrow. Although perfectly reasonable it was unexpected and the vision caught me off guard, made me smile at nature and started my day perfectly. There's something about the marvels of an unexpected wonder that just makes you smile, at least it did for me...

So, dear readers take heed.  I must warn you that I've taken it into my head to redesign Idle Hands ... Empty Brain ... Not that there's anything wrong with the blog, but frankly I'm a bit tired of the header, font colours, etc and feel the need for a facelift. Of course, this is in lieu of moving furniture around at home, and oh, BTW I'm in between quilt projects at the moment and can't decided what to work on next ... Suggestions anyone????
My first attempt at editing resulted only in a change of photo in the header ... but after more investigation and upgrading of  my online skills hopefully will result in something more individual and creative. Wish me luck .... as most of my creativity this activity is still limited to after work hours (I still don't have personal online access, but am in negotiations with the dear pater - wish me luck on that front also ...)
Iris has christened the new chair

Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Blues ...

Or should I say Summer whites ;) Above is a closeup of my Hibiscus which decided to flower for me just as my summer vacation came to an end. I guess that's the blues part ... you wait desperately all year for summer vacation and then it just speeds by way way too fast.
None-the- less I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energized! As usual I had a huge todo list accumulated of things to do while not at work (mustn't just relax you know, must put time off to good use). Did manage to:
  • removed dead tree from front garden, other sundry garden work including repainted most of the iron work, fertilized the remaining living plants and trees, some minor re-landscaping and re-positioned patio stones (why do they shift around in the winter?)
  • refinished the "new" antique coffee table
  • read several great novels, well ok, just 2 1/2
  • caught a couple of flicks
  • got outta town for a couple of days, this involved playing with my new GPS
  • enjoyed afternoon tea at our local historic house
  • completed Rachel's Star
  • completed "Cat at Play" wall hanging thus using up more of my Black & White prints
  • shopped for fabric, included a trip to the USA with one of my great quilting friend
  • and dined out with family and friends.
Good thing I'm back at work as any longer and I would be too exhausted to come back to work. Routine is good, routine is good, routine is good... this is my new mantra!
Anyway, remember the wonderful table a friend gave me last year for my birthday? Well here's a chair to accompany it, also a gift from the same friend! Let's see if I can do a year of chairscapes ...... stay tuned .....


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rachel's Star Part Three!

So, the saga of Rachel's Star continues .... Mistake # 9 was changing my mind re the original fabric choices (see last blog entry), and going off on a mini tangent trying a different, albeit unsuccessful colour version, only to end up with more or less the original colours anyway!!!

Mistake # 10 was one of those Where was my Brain??? moments. I spent 2 hours happily quilting away ... machine quilting that is - something I don't often do - when I realized I didn't like it! something's wrong - what's happening? OMG I forgot to change to the walking foot and the whole darn thing is bunching up!!! So, 4 hours later, having successfully un-sewn all the previous machine quilting ..... I have a completed machine quilted Rachel's Star!
I am very very very proud of this one .... only because I persevered despite the numerous mistakes, trials and tribulations! I have plans to incorporate some drapery wire into the binding so that it will have a rolled edge effect and some stiffness to the outer borders. Then I'll have to come up with something rather ingenious for a hanging sleeve - but hey, I've come this far I can manage the rest from here!!!
And it only took 3 days of my summer vacation!