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Saturday, July 14, 2018

All over but the Crying

Well,  it's all over. My move to a retirement home that is. It's been a long and stressful haul :( not helped by my poor health and a couple of heat waves! None-the-less the worst is over - YEAH! My newly slip covered couch and chair arrived today so I finally have somewhere to sit - bonus!
I went with an off white fabric. I always wanted a white couch and now am hoping I don't regret it. We'll see. I placed Dad's quilt over the back and the small green cushions from my former front hall church pew. Love the look, so am happy. See, some things do work out :)
I've placed my remaining artwork around the room. Still have to put my few knick knacks out, but it's beginning to feel homey. The unpacking is all done and I admit to very few regrets re what was left behind, given away or sold off. It's quite an adjustment and way more than I had planned or anticipated. The packing was helped tremendously by friends and family. A HUGE THANK YOU to my sister Christine, brother-in-law Vince and nephew Mark, and my friends Ann, Susan and Mibs :). The adjustment phase has not been quite as easy with some indelicate (aka thoughtless, not funny) remarks about how I got rid of things, what I got rid of, or my present state of health ... What can you do except
I have 2 large rooms and set up a sewing nook in the back corner. Doesn't look like much and a lot less than what I had in the condo, but it's better than nothing. The desk to the right can be used as my cutting table. I don't do too much (read that as almost none) machine quilting, preferring to hand quilt, so this should work out. I did have to give up my design wall which I will sorely miss.
I salvaged a wee bit of china (my strawberry basket, teapot, cream & sugar, some cake plates and 4 coffee mugs) and have stowed those away in my jam cupboard. As you can see I also brought along my stereo and one of my stained glass windows and my stars :).
The bedroom is large which is good as I have used one wall to build shelving to hold my stuff, these rooms have a serious lack of closet space, coming from 4 closets down to 2 :(.  I kept 6 of the best of my vintage quilts and plan on hanging them on the vintage drying racks beside the bed. When I finally get my Canada 150 quilt done I plan on hanging it over the bed on the wood curtain rod  I saved from my parents home.
They provide the valances and window blinds so it was no problem leaving all my window coverings at the condo. Closing on my condo was yesterday and the $ should be in my account shortly - woohoo! Now to get on with the remaining move related tasks and get back to my quilting! Next month I'll be hosting our sewing group here so they'll all get to see what modern  retirement homes are all about, they feed me three times per day, clean my place once per week, change my bed and launder my linens once per week. I get to live on one floor, don't have to cook, clean  or grocery shop.  And even better,  they'll get my car from the lot, clean it off and deliver it to the door for me this winter. Not a bad deal as far as I'm concerned. Well that's all my "news" for now, but my family has had some fun news - they got to see/pose with the Stanley Cup!! My sister's neighbour works for the Washington Capitals and for some reason was allowed to bring the cup home for a weekend. So ...


Monday, June 11, 2018

I've been Picked!

So, last week I was at the house to talk with a lady about making slipcovers for my couch and chair. I've wanted to do this for a while now. There's nothing wrong with the current upholstery except it's "old lady floral" and reminds me of mother (it was her set). So now that I'm moving it's time for a change. The slipcover company (Accent Upholstery) will remove the couch & chair from my condo and deliver it to my new residence, then remove the "extra" chair I'm taking with me to the new abode while I await the newly slipcovered set. Sounds like a win win for me.
So, while we are perusing fabric swatches the slipcover lady looks around and says "I see you like antiques, are any for sale?" to which I reply "Yes, some".  Slipcover lady says "My sister has a shop in ..... can I call her?" Next thing I know her sister and DH arrive and the 2 ladies run around the condo buying up all kinds of small and large antique/collectible stuff. I walk out the door $900 richer and much less stuff to pack & move ! Felt like I was in an episode of
American Pickers!
They couldn't take everything with them that day so came back on the Saturday when they purchased even more stuff!

All in all I got rid:
my Flat-to-the-wall (pic shows Aynsley china set also sold).

A dresser/server/bureau/TV stand
(I don't know what to call this piece) where all my great aunt's Limoges was kept.

A not antique Oak hall tree, an overmantle, 2 wicker trunks, 1 antique wicker chair, a wicker vanity, 2 foot stools,  2 Eastlake unmatched parlor tables, 1 Eastlake parlor chair, 2 wooden benches, 1 headboard cutoff (seen in above pic of couch), 1 shutter shelf, 1 antique floor trilight, 2 quilt racks, 10 vintage quilts, 300 +  pieces of Limoges (seen above), 8 place setting of Aynsley + serving pieces (also seen above).

A large pile of vintage linens, 1 vintage christening dress, a framed stained glass, milk bottles and mustard crocks,  and 1 antique Singer head.

An organ stool, 6 pictures (3 framed Brass rubbings, a vintage print of a young girl looking at the Blue Bird of Happiness, a Teapot picture and a Teacup pic)

Then there was the Boston Fern stand with a fake Boston Fern, 3 sets of glass door knobs, and probably lots  more I can't even remember to list. 
All in all I made over $1000.00 for an garage sale I didn't even know I was going to have! Whooppee !

It was tiring for all, and I am so grateful for my nephew who helped load their vans, my sister and Brother-in-law who helped keep it all organized (as much as we could), and  the 2 ladies who had a ball purchasing all my stuff which would probably have gone to the Goodwill !! See - sometimes good thing do happen.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Life Changes

It's summer and time for ice cream !! at least that's what Princess Claire thinks and I agree !
It's almost the end of May and my plans for my summer have changed dramatically :( :( :(.
The original plan was to sell the condo in March, have my cataract surgery in April, go apartment hunting in May, and in June pack up all my worldly possessions then move in July. Sounds like a reasonable plan - right?
Well, we all know what happens with Best laid plans ... something always goes awry!  For me it started with another case of Influenza (I think I know who shared - grrrrr). It put me back in the hospital, this time for 8 days :( :(. Once I was well enough to leave the hospital it was decided I should go into respite care as I was too weak to go home alone, so off I went to Oakcrossing a new Retirement home in town.
It has now been decided that I will stay here on one of their "Independent living" floors. The benefits of staying are:
  • no stairs
  • not having to go outside to collect my mail or take out the garbage
  • not having to pay someone to clean up after me
  • not having to clean off the car in the winter (they will do it for me)
  • I can come and go as I please
  • no grocery shopping
  • no cooking
  • should I need it again, assisted living (respite care) is "in house"
  • it's real close to my sister, friends, Doctor, bank, etc.
The disadvantages of moving into Retirement Living
  • having to downsize more dramatically than I planned as I now have to squeeze into 2 rooms  - YIKES
  • much more expensive than living on my own in an apartment
  • I'm the youngest one here (besides staff) - YIKES I'm surrounded by old fogies
So, with much trepidation I am now in the process of figuring how to divest myself of unwanted (antique) furniture, 3 sets of china, and 2 cats!! The two cats are a real problem. Simone, She who can not be touched  is proving to be very wily. My sister and her DH have set a "live trap" in the laundry room (where she hides) for 3 weeks now and still Simone has not been caught!
Iris is hiding under the bed but I am confident she will come out once I'm there and the place is quiet.
I am heartbroken that I can not take care of my fur babies any longer and can't find anyone to adopt them. I don't blame people for not wanting to take on She who can not be touched, but poor Iris is such a sweetie. What can you do. So right now they are both at home, alone (except for each other). My sister is going over each day and feeding them  (what a chore!) as well as dropping by Oakcrossing with this and that for me. 

Some of my quilting friends are dropping by on Wednesday to start the packing process  - this time I am hopeful we can pack up what's left of my sewing room, and maybe, just maybe even get the Limoges and the Aynsley packed!  I am so blessed to have a willing and helpful sister and such great friends!!!
So that's my life in a nut shell right now. I'm being pampered @ Oakcrossing, 3 meals a day, snacks brought to my door twice per day, housekeeping and free WiFi and internet. I'm walking the halls with my walker 2-3 times per day trying to gain strength and missing my home and my garden :(. I'm also missing all the great quilt shows this Spring and trying hard not to get too sad about that. On the bright side I'm still working away joining up rows for my Lucy Boston. Who knows I may finish that project yet!

Monday, April 02, 2018

Happy Easter !

Well my cacti decided to flower just in time for Easter and my Open House. Wasn't that nice of them? Yup,  you read that right .... I've been a busy girl - again. Another round of downsizing and paper shredding (burnt out one paper shredder, luckily I had another). Not completely done yet.
Put my condo on the market on a Wednesday, had 16 showings Thursday and Friday, an Open House on Saturday & Sunday with 20 viewings.  Rested on Monday and accepted offers on Tuesday. Sold for way more than my asking price so I'm happy about that :) Rather ambivalent about the move as I really did expect to enjoy my condo for a few more years, but health wise decided it was best to make the move now while I still can manage it. Have a long closing date so will be able to enjoy one more Spring and part of the Summer. Hard part next is to find an appropriate apartment and resign adapt myself to this change of live style.
As if all that wasn't enough I also have the additional treat of dealing with a nasty bout of my IBS and the return of a Frozen Shoulder this time on the right side (last time it was the left shoulder). My cataract surgery is this coming week, which will be good as I'm real tired of the world being fuzzy and want to get this over with. Geeze I'm a wreck these days :(. You know how hard it is when you can't see, you're right dominant, in pain all the time and can't carry or move your arm? Ok, enough of my whinning.
I have managed to get some sewing done, here are the next three blocks of my Canada 150 quilt. Nothing more will be done on this project probably until after the move as I can't see well enough for these tiny pieces. I also got rows one and two hand sewn together for my Lucy Boston. So some progress on the quilting front.
It's another sunny day (YEAH) and my Daffodils are peeping  out of the ground. I hope to enjoy this last Spring in my wee garden.

Sunday, February 25, 2018


This is a public service announcement (not really). It's a warning to myself about things which I have noticed this week.  Each morning I listen to CBC Radio 1. One of their morning broadcasts includes the "Q" with the host Tom Power. So the first of my warnings is never never see a pic of the real host. Just as a favourite book often turns into a disappointing movie the real image of the host will not match your imagination.  Here's Tom Power (for real). Not the svelte black guy I imagined.
My second warning also involves CBC radio host of Sunday Edition, Michael Enright.
Are you kidding me???? OK, Sunday Edition is eruidte, intelligent and informative, which  is why l listen each week, but are you kidding? Who is this guy ????  Ha ha ha ha ha!! I post these warnings to all listeners/readers out there. Check your assumptions as to what someone looks like - you're probably way off!
My final public service announcement is to never never never use your connector fabric for honeycombs in one of your Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses (LBPOTC) blocks!! For the last couple of weeks I have been stitching up 7 connector blocks for the top of my Lucy Boston, only to discover that opps- I had forgotten/miscalculated and the top/bottom also needs 3 additional honeycombs and 1" squares between each connector block! Hmmmm. Ok, I'll just cut more. YIKES I'm 8" short !!!!!! and I can't find that fabric anywhere anymore. WAHHHHHHHHHHH
Here's a pic of my progress so far. as you can see  there are 4 rows of beige honeycombs with black 1" squares (up/down arrows) between the connector blocks (diagonal arrows). 
And here is the offending block, made very early in my Lucy career (my only excuse ). So what's a girl to do? Well I found some"other" black fabric and guess I will use it strategically so that it looks as if I planned it ;) ;) 
What else has been happening in my life recently? Well we had a 4th birthday party and Tinker Belle attended! Whoohoo ;)

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

I've Been Busy!

Phew! Time to take a rest! I've been busy doing a second round of downsizing, starting in my sewing room. Every year my guild holds a rummage sale. You dig out patterns and fabrics and other sewing related items you no longer want/need, price it for others to enjoy. The proceeds of the rummage sale goes to our community outreach group, so it's all in a good cause and is a great way to downsize :) Below are three bags ready for the sale. My quilting buddy is picking them up today and taking them to the sale for me as I'm not sure I'll make it again this year given the temp outside! Good thing for me anyway as I would be tempted to buy more fabric which would defeat my downsizing. Anything which doesn't sell will go straight to the Goodwill, adding to the 2 bags of fabric I will be sending directly to them (fabric too old/ugly to go to the rummage sale!)
It is actually quite tiring going through all your fabric bins, measuring and labeling and packaging it all up. Tiring but necessary and helpful in the end. I have already sent off 2 bins of "baby" fabric and a bag of misc fabrics to our community group, a bag full of Batiks and a bin of 1930's fabric to my quilting buddy. So all in all I'm doing quite well with my downsizing. Which rather surprises me when I look in the cupboard and still see bins of fabric!!
In the non downsizing hours I've been prepping for more Lucy Boston work.  300 Honeycombs and 200 1" squares (not in the pic)! Now I'm putting these together into the 25 final connector blocks. These blocks will all have the same center fabrics to bring a bit of symmetry to the quilt. I hope it looks as good I think it will ;).
A few weeks back my quilting buddy and I went to the Marsh store where I picked up some lovely black fabric for the final border. While downsizing I got lucky and found my bin of backing fabrics. I have enough beige/off white backings for 4 quilts and a lovely black backing hopefully big enough for my Lucy !! Will decide which to use when the time comes - if ever !
On to my closets one more time in my downsizing quest. Have already made a list of what furniture will go when I move. Now to connect with a realtor and get ready for the big sale! Have pretty much made the decision to go into an apartment where I can be on one floor and garbage disposal and mail pickup will be easier. This will be a difficult, sad transition for both me and the cats but what can you do :(.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Happy New Year

Sorry it's been so long blogging. My camera died :( and it's replacement (mom's) didn't have the cable to connect from camera to laptop so had to wait for delivery from Amazon.  And of course the holidays got in the way too. It was a different year for us as we celebrated with both parents gone now, so only 3 generations instead of 4. My sister, her DH and I are now the "senior" generation!!
Every time I get my car dug out and cleaned off  it snows AGAIN! Enough already - I can't keep up! You can't even see the trunk of my poor Maple in this pic the snow drift is so high!! I've been stuck in the house for 2+ weeks now :( At least the cold snap has ended - sort of .... 
One thing about being stuck inside is you get a lot of sewing time :) Hand sewing that is. I got all the blocks and their connectors sewn together into rows for my Lucy Boston - YEAH
Now I have to do more prep work and make up the half blocks and corners for the edges. That will take a surprisingly longish time :(, but at least the end is in sight now- Whoopee! 
No  progress on the Canada 150 quilt :(, but I'll get back to it soonish. For now I'm happy with my work on Lucy, and the second pair of socks I'm knitting.