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Sunday, July 26, 2015

It's Summer vacation time !!

LOL ! I Googled quilter's summer vacation hoping to find a cute pic to post and look what I found! A pic of me from summer of 2009 in front of The Hobby Horse quilt store! Too funny!! So it's summer vacation 2015, and I spent the first day on the couch SICK ! NOT FAIR! I woke up @ 4 am Thursday with a spinning head - oh no! I've been dizzy ever since, and yesterday was the worst. I think I'm suffering from BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo). YUCK!  Today it seems to be getting better - I hope so as I don't want to waste any of my precious vacation time.
 I have a HUGE To Do list, and these 2 McKenna Ryan wall hangings are first on my list. They are 2  of a triptych, I did Clifford back in 2010 and always planned on completing the "set". well this may be the year (no promised ...)
I was going to run out to the local FL fabric store yesterday to partake in their 50% off sale for matching backing, and maybe get a nice curtain rod to hang these babies up - but couldn't get my head off the pillow :( . Next time!! Since it's summer I'm deep into reading
Am finding this one rather interesting - will let you know .... 
Should be a good TV vacation ... Last Tango in Halifax, Hell on WheelsPoldark and Crimson Fields
Hope you enjoy your summer vacation ...

Sunday, July 12, 2015

I'm a Plumber ! Woohoo!

 I knew the powder room loo wasn't flushing properly, but didn't clue in until Friday night after work. Glad I looked as the brass lever disintegrated in my hand as I was examining the inner workings ... So Saturday morning off I went to local hardware store and guessed I was making the correct purchase. Once I figured out the "left hand" nut, I'm in business - Woohoo I'm a plumber!
Next stop was the quilt store to pick up just the right thread so I can start hand quilting my "Wild Flowers". Couldn't persuade my quilting friend to quilt it for me, :(, I understand her reluctance - she's newish to machine quilting, but she is doing such great work !! So it's hand quilting for me! I know, said I was "done" with this one, but after looking at it on the design wall I decided I needed to move one of the stems and add a few more leaves. Glad I did (can you see the difference?)
Last weekend my favourite local quilt store, Cornerstone Quilts and More, had a sale. On top of the 35% off she also gave back a gift certificate of 10% of the value of your purchase. Consequently I got my thread, and FINALLY some wonder clips, which everyone has been ranting about, using last week's gift from her. Thanks Judy!

A colleague at work lent me this book months ago. I'm a slow reader as I tend to only read in the summer on the patio, and this summer so far has been dull, rainy and chilly. None-the-less, just finished Life After Life, and I highly recommend it! Of course now I'm in that awful what to read next stage :(

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Summer's here - YEAH!

Last week was a "reverse week" for me. I had 5 days off work, 2 days of work, hence  a reserve week. LUVed IT! I could definitely handle lots more like that :) Did the lunch thing with mother and a friend,  and did some antique shopping. I got this lovely pin tray. Serendipitously it matches the syrup pitcher I picked up years ago at a lawn sale :) Don't ya just love it when this happens ?
Got an email from my niece who wants me to add some spaghetti straps to a new sun dress. Of course this necessitated a wee trip to the fabric store (FL) where luck would have it they still have their infamous 50% off sale - woohoo!
I'm in love with polka dots and B&W so the bottom fabric was a no brainer, the top fabric I'm thinking maybe the the corner elongated hexies for my Lucy Boston POTC.  If  that doesn't work out - who cares! - they were $5/meter = another WooHoo!
Can you take another Woohoo? I finished - yes I said FINISHED my Judy Niemeyer Wild Flowers !!! Are you ready ?
Now I just have to decide how it should be quilted - machine or by hand. That decision will determine who will quilt it! Maybe, just maybe I can start my Lucy Boston at the end of the month! Wish me luck !

Monday, June 29, 2015

Mini Vacation!

Hi there ! I've been enjoying a mini vacation from work and got so busy I forgot to blog!!

Remember this one?  I know - it's been awhile!! It's a Judy Niemeyer pattern called "Wild Flowers" which I clipped from Quilt Works Today,  Aug/Sept 2004. I sat  on this pattern for a looooong time as the paper piecing aspect intimidated me. Well, a year ago I finally screwed up my courage and made the arcs (pic on left), then put them together (right).

Then I started making borders which involved making flying geese - another "technique" which has always intimidated me ... don't know why. Over the winter I applique flowers, but only off-and-on, - more off than on ;).

BUT - Tada! This weekend I finished appliqueing the flowers - woohoo!! Now to finish it I will applique "falling leaves" in strategic spots. Oh, and the centres for 3 of those flowers. Then the big question will be - hand quilting or off to the machine quilter ?

 Also this weekend my favourite quilt store had a great Canada Day Sale. I know what you're thinking - Canada Day isn't until Wednesday! Yeah well, any excuse for a sale - right?
 I promised myself I wouldn't buy ANY fabric this year - but saw these lovelies and thought of my upcoming Lucy Boston POTC (which I hope to start on my official summer vacation later in July).

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mater's Birthday

It's June and my Peonies are in bloom ! Luv Luv Luv. It's also the mater's birthay. I won't tell you exactly how old she is (88) lets just say I'm so proud of her - she is still living and managing on her own! My sister, brother-in-law and I are taking her out for dinner. Update - No pics as I forgot the camera :(.
This weekend we had a visit from Claire who now has 8 teeth. She understands a lot of what is being said but so far is only using single words, one of which is NO ....  No pics as once again I forgot the darn camera!!
Not much on the quilting side either as I've been relaxing, reading and trimming bushes in the garden.
Just finished Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behavior Enjoyed it immensely possibly because the copy I purchased was a "Luxe" edition which means it is large print. I hate to admit it but the large print  made it easier on the eyes to read .... 'nough said!

This week's "Canadian" controversy  in the news was the brother & sister act allegedly responsible for an earthquake in Malaysia. They and a few friends took naked pics of themselves at the top of a mountain the locals think is sacred. Here's an interesting BBC report on the prevalence of naked tourist photos. They were sentenced to a 3 day jail sentence and a hefty fine! Did they deserve the fine? or should they have gone scot free? What do you think?


Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ohio Rose

Many years ago I purchased a vintage Ohio Rose quilt top. Mother was in need of a new bed spread so I decided, since she liked pink and green, this would do the trick. It wasn't quite big enough to be a bedspread so I added a green & pink print then a white border then hand quilted it. The quilt did the trick for many years, but the green stem/leaves faded and now no longer match the green/pink print border. And finally the inner pink hearts have suffered from age and the sun.
So, the quilt is now back at my place and I am removing those inner pink hearts and appliqueing a nice pink batik heart in their place. First batik heart done, only 59 more to go! I think they'll look good!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Quilts from France

So my week off work is over :(. All in all is was a great week! I had a huge To Do list, and actually got through most of it - yeah. Including a trip to a local quilt festival, Quilts from France. Now that the show is over I can safely post some on my pics. Below is an interesting triptych.

I believe fabric strips were pulled through a muslin background and long threads layered over it creating an interesting waterfall effect. The first one was a lovely pastel, the centre was rather dark greens and blues and blacks, and the one on the right was a vibrant reds and pinks.

I rather expected to see several quilts with Boutis quilting, but I was disappointed. Below is the only work with this style.

There were several "traditional" quilts, all very well done. Unfortunately I can't provide attribution as I was too distracted in getting a good shot of the quilts I once again forgot to take a pic of the sign describing who did what - sorry!

 Of course I couldn't resist taking a pic of  this Hexie quilt ;)
 And then there was this wonder!!! I couldn't get far enough back to get the whole lovely!
Really like what she did in the centre.
 It seems the French guild which sent these quilts had an exchange with a guild in Japan. Their "challenge", I think, was to use some Japanese fabric (possibly old Kimono silk) and some french lace.

I really liked this one as I like the grey background (old kimonos I think), the straight line quilting. The hot air balloons were made of French lace.

The gold fish in the quilt on the right were very well done, and reminded me of our visit to a Japanese Tea Garden when we visited Japan many years ago.

Love the Cranes in this one, the fans and the Fairy (?) playing her flute.

And of course this quilt, also with musical notes, and flying Kimonos!

And finally, one with a Shinto gate. I really like the use of colours in the background, and the well placed stones reminiscent of a Shinto garden.
The Quilts from France show also had a challenge to use blue. Here is an eye catching example

The flowers here were lovely, I am partial to embroidery on quilts, especially well done ribbon embroidery! So here is a closeup.

And finally - this beauty !!!