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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Quilt Show!!

Hello all out there in blog land. I've been remiss in not blogging, but have been tres busy with numerous appointments all in aid of my upcoming (not soon enough) retirement!
It's another wonderfully sunny Sunday with marshmallow clouds drifting by and the sun peaking through my Japanese Maple. The autumnal colours are wonderful. Will I enjoy Sundays this much once I'm retired? Hmmmm, guess I'll find out. Speaking of colours I finally got the Fancy Foxes baby quilt top completed. I love the modern colours of this quilt, guess it's my first "modern" quilt :).
And none too soon as baby William Forest was born 3 weeks early (Oct 15th). So, now I have an excuse for his quilt not being ready ! This will go to the quilter next weekend, so hopefully we'll have it to William before his first month's birthday.
This weekend was the guild quilt show, and what a show it was !! Here are a few pics for you

 This is one of two from my quilting buddy June. She completed these after a workshop with John Willard. It's one of those techniques where you make up the top, slash then sew it up again. Not sure I would have the chutzpah to do it, but admit they are gorgeous!

These two wall hangings are the result of a stained glass workshop the guild held. I didn't go, but heard it was a fun time and the ladies produced some lovely works.

And of course there is my Wild Flowers on the right here. I think it was the only piece that was hand quilted in the entire show!

I have to admit I did not take pics of every quilt, not that I didn't like them all! And, I did not take pics of the labels, so I apologise, I can't give attributions.

I do love the colours of these two - aren't they gorgeous! Black backgrounds are so effective.

And, on the softer colour side ....

The label for the quilt on the left said the maker could not remember the "name" of this quilt. What's in a name? To paraphrase Shakespeare,  a Rose by any other name is still a beautiful quilt!

And this "Wild Thing" is just too cute for words!!!

Another guild project, last year's (?) row by row challenge. There were several examples, with small differences, making them all interesting. They were all beautiful but I only took one pic, as an example!

And whoooooo doesn't like Owls ? You may remember it was 2 1/2 years ago I was making an Owl baby quilt. I really like this Owl quilt, very imaginative with all the block different sizes.

La Passacaglai quilts !! Sorry the pics aren't better 'cause these beauties are just wonderful! I did download all the free patterns from the internet for this wonder, but haven't started it yet (still have my Lucy Boston to complete!)

I took pics of these two to show you how much fun and different a pattern can be just with colour!

Hexies ! Need I say more ?

Large hexies in nice subtle colours.

The hexie piece on the right is a finished example from the one workshop I did attend last year, and it was THE BEST workshop ever!!

I still haven't even started mine (darn) but my enthusiasm is still there, so one of these retirement days ....

And now for some stunners .....  The Toronto skyline, apparently this was her own design! Can you believe it? Wow, such talented ladies!

And this Black, White, Grey and Red stunner, well what can you say, it's gorgeous! The use of the ombre grey makes this one shimmer. I suspect it may have been a kit, but even so, this one is a stunner!

And now to the Southwest ....

Foxes, the hotties of the season,  were represented in a pillow and in this original (?) orange fox silhouette.

And foxes were added creatively as a row in this colourful beauty!

My quilt buddy and co-driver to most quilt events made these ltwo ovely ones. She's soooo good with colour and loves making scrappy things.

And to round off this quilt show here's another one done with the black background.

What a great quilt show - well done ladies!!


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Autumnal Equinox

Autumnal Equinox - what?! How can that be - where did September go? YIKES, I'm not nearly ready ...
I tucked my head down and quilted all week, and as a result I completed the wall hanging  innards last week. So now I'm working on the borders, much slower going I must say.
 Last weekend I got busy and made another mug rug - it's golf balls! Now that my boss has officially announced my retirement (Nov. 11th - yippee!) I have to get serious and get these done! So here's another one I did yesterday - knives and forks !
I did a lot of cutting last weekend and got enough blocks cut out so I could spend Saturday afternoon doing assembly piecing. Whooppee I got another 12 Fancy Foxes done.
I decided there is not enough blue especially dark blue, so while at the local fabric store which was having it's 50% off sale I picked up 2 fat quarters, both of which will work. Think I'll spend today cutting up more blocks - almost ready to put these togetrher.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Stitchin time ...

Last weekend I got quite a few Foxes cut, so yesterday I sat down and sewed them up! I'm really liking the colours I chose and am looking forward to getting more sewing done on this project! It was a dull gray rainy Saturday yesterday so the Pater and I went to a movie - Florence Foster Jenkins. What a HOOT. Meryl Streep wonderfully sings off key - not an easy thing to do, Hugh Grant is so convincing as the overly charming husband, and Simon Helberg - of Big Bang fame - was absolutely hilarious!! If you need a feel good movie and a good laugh take in this flick!
I also got more stitching done on my Wild Flowers wall hanging and am starting to think I may just may make the quilt show deadline!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

They're Back!

Yup ! They're back - University students that is. City traffic has increased by a good 40-50% and is ridiculously stupid and dangerous again. It's the season for driving defensively as those SYM (stupid young men - actually the acronym should apply to all students regardless of gender) are out and about :(.One good thing is I can officially count this as my LAST SCHOOL SEPTEMBER EVER ! Woohoo!!!  I handed in my official intent to retire letter on the first day of classes, and actually felt a wee bit of regret. Didn't last long and disappeared immediately as soon as I got the first "where are the printers?" question. 9 possibly 10 weeks to go (not that I'm counting) Yippeee!
The heat/humidity has finally dissipated and today is a wonderfully comfortable sunny Sunday. My Hibiscus is still flowering and was visited by a Humming bird yesterday - nice! My Lavender is also flowering and giving me a better showing than last year's batch. Not bad for a garden that was badly neglected most of the summer.
Still getting used to having my weekends free again. Well sort of ....  I started the evening with grocery shopping and found myself picking up items for mother. When I realised what I had done I had a sad moment in the grocery aisle then put it all back. Now I'm doing a weekly Friday night date with the Pater. This week we went for pizza, a good way to start the academic year. Dad was impressed and always appreciates the company.  Later I ran off to hospital for another CT scan this time @ 10:00 pm! So Friday was a bust, but Sat I managed to get into the sewing room - yeah! I actually accomplished some Fancy Foxes blocks. I think this baby quilt will be lots of fun.

Monday, September 05, 2016

Summer's Over - Wahhhh!

Well, the summer is over. Guess 2016 is the summer that wasn't, at least for me. This last month has
been a terrific blurr, but it's all over 'cept for the crying. Mother's apt. is emptied and her possessions are dispersed amongst family, friends and charities. Well, almost. I inherited my great aunt's Limoges china, service for 12 + all kinds of extra pieces including egg cups, except for a Teapot :(.

We tried to sell our Grandmother B's china, also a set for 12,  to one of my quilting friends who is interested in china and vintage stuff, but no luck :( So next step is to see if one of the relatives is interested. It's just too nice to dump off at the Goodwill....

Along with the china I also inherited two lovely end tables with marquetry tops. They fit perfectly in my small living room and are lovely real wood. I was with mother on one of our "antiquing" trips when she purchased them , one of my
fonder memories of our time together.

 I also inherited a lovely maple parlor table, another acquisition from one of our antiquing trips :)  The Royal Dolton (Autumn Breeze) and the Cranberry glass basket also come from mother.

The crystal and pewter lamp mother purchased online a few years back. It was made in Poland and is excellent quality. We were all shocked when mother purchased it online ! Who knew she was that tech savvy :) ! It's a tri-light and adds to the ambience of my room wonderfully.

This long weekend has been a Downton Abbey marathon on PBS, so I spent the weekend watching, and in between episodes got some much needed cleaning done. I also spent some time in my sewing room - FINALLY, and got the cutting done for the Fancy Foxes baby quilt. November isn't that far away!! I'm hoping to actually get one block done today.

My quilt guild does a lovely thing, they make Friendship Star quilts and give them to members who have/are experiencing trauma/loss in their family. So, over the weekend I was the recipient of a lovely grey, yellow and white friendship star quilt which I have shared with my sister & family (sorry I forgot to take a pic!) Thank you LFQG!


Sunday, August 07, 2016

Sad News

Mother passed away unexpectedly July 23rd. As was our usual date I went over to pick her up for her hair appointment/brunch/grocery shopping/Saturday visit but sadly, found her on the floor, she was gone. My sister was the last to see her Thursday night. Friday we were all in Sarnia for a family funeral (father's brother), and didn't check in with her as I would be there Sat morning.
The past two weeks have been a total blur - making all the arrangements, contacting people, starting the process of winding things up. Mother had a good life. I learned how to make a slide show of pics of her life, and wrote her eulogy at 2 am. I was pleased at the service as it paid an appropriate tribute to a courageous and adventurous woman. Father was involved in most things, so one positive, our family has gotten closer.
Mother and I were close. When I became single again mother signed us up for art history lectures at the local art gallery. When she became single again we got season tickets to the local theatre, giving ourselves a regular Friday night dinner & theatre date. Over the years we went to antique shows, movies and quilt shows together. She was always my "date" (and I hers) for New Years Eve and family functions. She will be dearly missed.
July 23 was the first day of my summer vacation. I am so exhausted from sorting and packing and racing around arranging things. I had to cancel my turn at hosting our Sew What's group - just can't manage it this year, sorry ladies. I hope to get an additional week (or two) off from work so my sister and I can get everything done by Aug 31 and I can have some recovery time. We'll see.
My vacation plans had included making the Fancy Foxes baby quilt. One good thing is the owner of Kalidoscope of Quilts did replace the 3 meters of backing fabric which had the factory seam. I am very grateful to her and will send along a Thank You note shortly. When I did get a chance to sit down I did some stitching on the Wild Flowers hanging, and hope to get to the baby quilt soon.

It's been hot and super humid this past 2 weeks, so I've had little patio time :( - TG for AC! My b-i-l (thanks goodness for him!) came over and put an additional shelf in the bureau I have in my living room. This was needed to house the 235 pieces of Bridal Wreath Limoges! Mother inherited this china, place setting for 12, from her Aunt Dell, and added pieces along the way found at various antique shows we attended together. Now I've inherited these beauties. Don't know if I'll ever use them - maybe for the Sew What's ladies! when I do use them I'll think of her and all the fun times we had together.