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Monday, September 29, 2014

Guess Who Came to Tea !

It's Miss Claire Elyse Tiemessen, looking so well dressed in her denim skirt with polka dots and all of 7 months!! This past weekend was so lovely - a perfect fall weekend, so I decided to have the family over to celebrate. Well, only the girls arrived, but that's ok - we had fun!
I made a pumpkin spice cake (check my pinterest for the recipe), red berry juice, some real nice Fall napkins mother brought and some Hydrangeas from my front garden (in for the winter) finished off the table, and I finally got to use one of my many china vases! Needless to say, Claire was the most popular girl at the party. She is totally fascinated by her great grandma :) Claire is almost crawling, and I'll bet she will be by the next time we see her. What fun to watch this young one grow :)
In case you think this is all I did ..... no, I managed to get the binding on the latest Christmas table topper. Overall I'm pleased with the end product
Saturday I spent most of the day on the patio and in the garden - almost have them ready for ol'man winter (shhhh). Here's a quick pic of the glass flower my cousin in Sarnia makes. I've put it in an old sap bucket filled with sand.
I think it will look nice on the patio next summer - oh ouch, that hurt to say. As much as I love the Fall with all the colours, I hate to say goodbye to summer.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

What's a day without sunshine ?

Boy, yesterday was an absolutely perfect Fall day :) at least in my neck of the woods. Hope you enjoyed the best of Fall weather also. The b-i-l and nephew were here last weekend. We got the mini ties in the front replaced - woohoo!
I should be good for another 10 years. I decided to move the bird bath to the back patio, and switch up the Milk can and iron planter. Not sure about this - will see how the winter goes with that big planter. Now that I think about it this winter will be tough to shovel the step! Uh oh - guess it will have to be moved again!
While I had men in the vicinity I took advantage of them and we got the shrubs trimmed and the patio put to bed for the winter!
I have, as usual, been tres busy ... work wise is starting to calm down - a bit, and our Sewing group is slowly getting organized. I am continuing on my Christmas theme and today hope to quilt a Christmas table topper. Here's the top, (pattern link can be found on my Pinterest)
and the back
which will be trimmed to shape and quilted hopefully today. This one is made from the leftovers/scraps from the Peppermint Twist table runner. I'm hoping to binding it in the red polka dot fabric - if I can squeeze it out of what's left! I must admit I still have Christmas fabric ....
This was my "gift" from last year's sewing group Christmas exchange. It's on the design wall now hopefully I will be inspired shortly to make either a short table runner or place mats - or both!!
Next weekend is a visit from the family. My niece, great niece, sister, mother and the guys are coming. Plan on making something pumpkiny - must go through my recipes to find a good one. Got to go clean the house now, baby coming to visit!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

The week I wish wasn't

 Well, they're back - the University students :(. Last week was one of those - you know, a week you wish you could either avoid or live over again. Tuesday morning I "thought" I might just miss some of the insane pedestrian traffic @ the University gates by detouring. Ok, not a bad plan except for the STUPID bicycle commuter who "thought" he could save himself 2 seconds, cross in front of 2 lanes of traffic, against a red light and come at me as I'm making a left turn on my advanced green. YIKES - first day of class and I almost kill someone! So much for missing insane traffic. I gave the bicycling commuter a very long toot of my horn, and the middle finger - he deserved it. Hope I scared him as much as he scared me! The week I wish wasn't actually started on Friday last when I "thought" I had left my invoice and spare keys at the car dealership. So Tuesday afternoon I give the car dealership a call and it was politely suggested I check my purse - again. Really? Well, my face is red and my excuse is a new purse - zippered pocket, something I almost never do! So there!
I did mange to get some sewing time on the Labour day weekend. Here's the Peppermint Twist table runner being quilting. I started with the walking foot for my Husqvarna, but for some crazy reason it decided to not function properly - hmmmmm. So, on the off chance that it might work I dug out the walking foot for my Kenmore - Hurrah it works just fine on my Husky :) Consequently I was able to finish the job - here it s with it's binding!
And, since we quilters are total recyclers, here are the 2 mug rugs I made with some of the leftovers!
Hoping to have an hour or two today to get working on the third (last) Christmas runner. Wish me luck!!

P.S. At our Sew What's group last week our hostess presented a delicious cake, and she shared the recipe with me - so here it is ...
11 oz can of Mandarin oranges
1 box yellow cake mix
2 eggs
1/3 cup of oil
1 package of instant Vanilla pudding
1 8oz can of crushed Pineapple
1 9 oz carton of whip cream

Combine undrained Mandarin oranges, cake mix, eggs and oil. Beat for 3 minutes.
Pour into a 9 X 13 baking pan. Bake as per time on box.
Combine Vanilla pudding and Pineapple with juice, mix well. Fold in whip cream. Spread on cooled cake. Refrigerate iced cake until served.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

OMG It's September !

How the heck did that happen???? One minute it's a beautiful summer, the next it's back to school. Wahhhhhhhh. Had my first "I'm having a crisis so I'll share it with everyone" student last week, as usual my radar wasn't up and running yet so I was thrown off my stride.  The imbalance continued into Friday, my day off, as I managed to leave the car dealership without my invoice AND my spare car keys. Drat! now I have to make another trip back there to pick them up :(. Never thought I would do this but I am now counting down how many more Septembers I have to endure ..... 3 too many!!!
Septembers come every year and I'm never prepared .... Don't know why it took me by surprise as I have already bought my Fall Mums for the front step. Look nice eh? The Geraniums are still flowering - sort of. Managed a few hours in the sewing room yesterday and came up with this
FINALLY - a water bottle carrier for myself! About time, think I've made 4-5 for other people! Left over fabric of course, must be 10-12 years old! Was interesting fabric as it changed pattern across the width as you can see (yup, that's all one piece of fabric). For some reason I added a drawstring for the top, why? got me... Got the water bottle several weeks ago and am happy with it as it is glass. They are now saying we should watch how much/how often we are drinking from plastic, even BPA free plastic. Hmmmm.
Decided to sandwich the Peppermint Twist table runner. Obviously my brain was not in gear. I got the backing fabric and backing cut in half lengthwise, and was off and running with the spray baste (love spray baste). Well, image my surprise when I got just past the halfway mark to discover - WTF ? - my batting and backing aren't long enough !!! DUH. So, luckily I had enough fabric AND batting. Got to use my batting tape for the first time, and I can now vouch for it - it works and saved my bacon. Now, must decide not only how to quilt it, but what colour thread??? I used a nice grey/white snowflake print on the backing - hmmmm maybe I need a quick trip to FL for some grey machine quilting thread.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Peachy Keen ;)

Have I told you how much I love peaches? I am gorging myself on peaches, it's that time of year. I just finished granola and peaches and am now enjoying a peach muffin, thanks to a work colleague. Friday I took in salsa and corn chips, Bruce shared his baking with us - yummm, thanks Bruce! First week back to work accomplished, phew! I started the applique on Wild Flowers

I've done two now, but am still unsure about the one colour - seems a bit too similar to the background. May do one or two more on other background square - maybe it will stand out more on others.
Any suggestions ?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week Three

Sad to say, week three is the last week of my vacation :(. I've been sooooo busy, I now truly get it when my retired friends say they don't know how they found time to work! Can't wait for retirement .... but must wait, financial considerations make the wait wise. I spend one day this past week @ an all-day retirement seminar put on by my employer. Sounds silly, but since my pension plan is a defined contribution I need to know a lot about what/how/when in order to make decisions. Later in the week I  also met with my personal financial adviser. Sure wish they had taught us some of this stuff @ school.
It was my turn to entertain the Sew What's group of ladies .... I made a platter of wraps and veggies, fruit (strawberries and green grapes) a cheese plate, and of course "goodies". I also made but forgot to put on the table (darn that bottom shelf in the frig!) a plate of devilled eggs ! Too bad 'cause they were good ;) The pics are for my friend down east who misses all the gatherings each summer.
Last week I showed you the peppermint twist blocks and complained because my design wall wasn't wide enough . well, I managed to get it all sewn together and here it is!
Now I just have to find a backing and get it quilted. That will be 2 Christmas table runners made - woohoo - just two more to make ! I need the design wall to be empty as will be hanging some of my quilts on it this aft - a colleague from work is coming to take pics and interview me about my hobby. It's for the "human interest" part of our staff newsletter ......

I have a new obsession -  move over Ragnar from Vikings - sorry, you have competition .....

It's Cullen Bohanon from Hell on Wheels  .... oh yeahhhhh


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week Two ....

Can't show you anymore of the Wild Flowers wall hanging as it will (hopefully) be a Christmas present .... which means I must get busy cutting out the freezer paper for the appliques, then quilting! Well, ok, just one pic before the appliques go on ....
 In the meantime I've been busy getting my paperwork into shape - i.e. filed in proper order. I'm a piler not a filer, which means once a year I absolutely have to file or be buried under paperwork. Should go completely paperless but don't yet trust electronic files for my banking and other financial info - do you?
 I also got poor Simone - she who will not be touched - to the vet!! After three tries I finally got some of the tranquilizer the vet gave me into her. Shortly after having her breakfast I could see her wobbling around, so a quick grab and she was in the carrying case - woo hoo! Anxious moment for mommy and Simone. My vet is so fantastic! A quick call to them and they gave us an appointment right away. Simone now has her yearly shots, a year late, but we can both relax now for a bit. She has been relatively subdued since the experience. Maybe the tranquilizer is having a lasting effect? Besides going to the dentist, doing the banking thing I also squeezed in a road trip with a couple of quilting friends ...
 This shop has a lovely assortment of Oriental prints and Batiks. Last time I was here I purchased some oriental fabric to complete a One Block Wonder ..... that's still on my To Do list! Like the shop but was annoyed with the owner who insisted on referring to us as "Girls"! I'm too much of an old school feminist to tolerate that! Girl by definition is a female child - and none of us are children! My friends weren't bothered so I guess it's just me that gets annoyed :( Personally I was disappointed with the so-called Antique market we visited which turned out to be 3 floors of flea market junk with a few antiques thrown in. None-the-less it was a lovely sunny day, lunch was great and it was fun to be out with the ladies for a nice change!
So what else have I been up to ? Well. I finally dug out my Xmas fabric only to discover that in one of my cleaning/organizing fits I threw out the pattern I wanted to make. TG for the internet!! I found the free PDF and am deep into getting this one organized. Peppermint Twist by Sharon Hall designs.
Playing around with the pinwheels was lots of fun, but finally had to get serious and lay out all the blocks. Found out my design wall isn't wide enough ... YIKES! What's a girl to do ...
Will be busy next week getting this one sewn up, 3 more "business" meetings,  and entertaining my LADIES sewing group, then back to work :(. Not looking forward to that part, but what's a girl to do ?  Just noticed I called myself a girl twice in this post - opps, guess I'm either a hypocrite or not as strong a feminist as I thought!