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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Busy Busy Busy ...

Well, I ended my vacation with a shopping trip to Len's Mills I wasn't looking for anything specific - always a bad time to shop in a fabric store! Anyway, I came out with this cute fabric panel. I don't usually indulge (in fact almost never) in cheater panels, but somehow this one took my fancy, so here we are one week later ... um, yes, it's hand quilted. I just needed something to stitch. Ever get that feeling?
So, approx. 3 weeks ago I told you all about my score at the Goodwill - 2 Fabulous Eastlake chairs. Come to think about it, I was looking for upholstery fabric @ Len's, yeah, that's why I went - they had a buy one get the second meter for 1/2 price. Unfortunately they didn't have what I had in mind. Actually all has turned out to be another score - I found the EXACT fabric I had in my mind @ Fabricland, for are you ready ... $3.50 a meter (on sale of course) It's a pinky rose (I LOVE red) in a kind of square weave with a dark brown/green squarish dot. So .... I just had to buy the whole bolt! (actually just a little over 6 meters). This fabric should match with the green Hydrangea and the Beige Hydrangea prints I have in my living room. Now I have another project to finish, hopefully before Sept! I have put off beginning my niece's wedding quilt until then. Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Christmas in August!

So I've had three fat quarters of Christmas fabric - black & Turquoise (kinda an odd combination of colours for Christmas) for over a year now, and last night I finally decided something must be done! As you readers know I've been working on a series of small wall hangings for my mater's apt. front door. She's become hooked on the notoriety this has brought her, and the project has done it's job in providing a topic to discuss on the elevator and a means for her to break the ice socially. For those of you out there with a senior in your life - it's an idea for something you too can do to help them adjust to their downsized life.
Anyway, enough proselytizing, here's my details of this project. I used some black scraps to make the basket front in checkerboard style. A small turquoise print is used for the background, a black & white Christmas fat quarter I "won" at last year's guild Xmas fabric toss, and the final black & turquoise Poinsettia fat quarter in the outer border. I located a good matching turquoise fabric for the backing, and some silver decorations for inside the basket. Now all I have to do is quilt it!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

End of the Vacation ;(

So I have ended my vacation with two special purchases, pieces of my "good" china. Now this is fast becoming a collection/obsession rivaling my fabric obsession - but hey, it could be worse, right?
So, while enjoying a lovely day out with two of my quilting friends, thank you ladies, we visited an antique market. Now I know what you're thinking .... why on earth would you be able to make a fabulous china purchase at an antique market? Well, my china pattern, although not out of stock is no longer sold in North America. Since it is/was also sold as giftware I am still able to find pieces out and about in various "markets". So, I picked up another, yes another cake plate. Yes I know, how many cake plates does one need - well, two of course! I also picked up 2 demitasse coffee cups. And then, just yesterday I scored again at the goodwill ..... and picked up this crazy little miniature ewer/pitcher in my china pattern.
So there you go, an end to this year's summer vacation and more to stuff into my flat-to-the-wall!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

She Scores!!

So the big news .... (drum roll please!) is my New Car!! After 10 years driving the ugly brown F_ _ _ _ I bit the bullet and got a new chariot! It's a 2011 white Toyota AWD 5 door Matrix, with, ahem, a few bells and whistles! Woohoo!My second score this summer vacation is 2 East Lake chairs in perfect condition - except for their rather fugly upholstery .... Another big WooHoo! These came at the hefty price of $5.00 each! Ok, I know what you're thinking - just how many East Lake chairs does one woman need. So far I have collected 5 of them - they join the list of 8 pressback chairs, 1dainty dining chair, 1 child's pressback rocker, 1 pressback high chair, 2 wood vintage kindergarten chairs and 1 other diminutive child's chair. Ok, how many was that - 14? WOW !