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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh OK, I admit ... I didn't make this beautiful Christmas tree wall hanging. As usual the holidays have crept up faster than expected ... and my pot of Poinsettia's is still being beaded and embroidered. I WILL get it completed for next year and promise to post it then...

Life just keeps getting more and more interesting. Just when you think you've figured people out they go and do something really stupid and you are once again dumbfounded! No details- that would be gossip. None-the-less it sure is interesting.

I plan to spend my holidays with my cat Sada, finishing this year's holiday wall hanging, do a quilt repair job for the father, not that it's worth doing, but his step son-in-law thinks so. (Sure hope they have enough chuptza to pay me for the work...) Once that's over and done with I have a double wedding ring to hand quilt for my "charity" work this year for the quild. Last year I did my first all machine quilted item for the other guild. Luckily it was a twin size as I didn't enjoy it that much.

Happy Holidays, Happy Chanuka, Happy whatever!
Ho Ho Ho.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ode to ma Cat

Sada the cat usually looks just like this .... She's epileptic and on heavy drugs to curb her seizures, so she lays about and sleeps 23 out of every 24 hours. The rest of the time she's grooming herself (excessively) or eating. Sada is too lazy to climb a tree, so I usually find her asleep in my chair or on my bed. Guests to the house always comment on how big she is - well that's because her mommy spoils her rotten! Spoiled or not she's been keeping mommy company for 15 years now.
A friend and I went border shopping (Port Huron) awhile back. Not that their fabrics are all that much better than ours ... but the selection and the books - Wowee! Ok, I'm a bibliophile, some would say a book slut, so of course I spend my $ on a couple of books and patterns. Now all I have to do is find the time. Once again it's almost Christmas and I haven't made any of the decorative items I wanted to make for the holidays. WHERE does the time go??

Ah well, happy holidays to all, here's hoping I can get some stitchin time soon!

Friday, November 17, 2006

How Long has it been?

I've been sooooo busy I haven't even had time to blog! Right now I'm working on another baby quilt (no, not this one - the Sesame Street quilt you see was made for a cousin - she LOVED IT!)

This time the quilt is for a colleague, both she and her husband are anthropologists, so I've gone with a Rock Art (that's primitive man cave paintings - not rock music) theme. Here's hoping I get it done before she has the wee one.

My machine is still in the shop - again! This is repair #2! Warning ladies - NEVER EVER LEND YOUR SEWING MACHINE. You quickly learn what kind of friend a person really is when they return it broken and say "I feel bad - I didn't get to finish my project"! Knowing that your "friend" did nothing intentionally does very little to alleviate the expense and major inconvenience , etc. ...

So, as the sewing machine (or lack thereof) saga continues, I bought a mechanical (cheap Kenmore) and now have something to work with - take on workshops for the duration. I'll leave the expensive computerized sewing machine at home (once I finally get it back from the shop!) - NEVER to be lent out again. Once burnt =Once too many...

Life is never simple - eh?

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Garden of Eden

Ah spring!

Isn't it lovely. Since most of last years's garden plantings did not fair well over the winter, its start again time. Managed to pick up a replacement shrubbery for the front garden - same species different variety - ohh, now I have to decide whether or not to go with what I've got or search the entire city for an exact replacement....

Managed to spend most of Sat afternoon mining through the clay we are so famous for just to plant 2 small Forsythia. Sore as HHHH today. Just about killed myself dragging a young Japanese Maple from the front seat of my car to the front steps . ALWAYS wanted one of these beauties. Now why on earth couldn't that nice young man from the Big Box store have come home with me and planted this tree for me, instead of just sticking it in my car. Guess I should be happy he did that much for me! There actually are times when I wish I had someone else around (bigger & stronger than me). Ah well, will have to beg my brother-in-law/nephew to come over and dig the hole. It will look nice when its done, and after all I do all their mending/pant hemmings, etc for them. Quid pro Quo - right?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The World of Women

"Manitoulin" LightHouses

Being the first entry of my blog I probably should start off with something uplifting and positive and inspiration, bla bla bla, but that's not how I feel. Instead I'm rather dejected today as once again I am completely disillusioned with the world of women.
Those dam housewives truely deserve the ubiquitous "bitch" sobriquet! Ok ok ok, before you get your knickers in a knot ... I know one really shouldn't paint everyone with the same brush, but I'm really getting tired of all those MOMs (and that's mom with a CAPITAL M) out there that just can't quiet remember to talk to other adults - as adults. You know the ones, those "ladies" who can't quiet stop ordering people around 'cause they're too used to dealing with the kiddies.

There are people in this world who have a brain, who are not a mother to anyone, and yes ... they actually think, create, have value and meaning and, dare I say it - appreciate being spoken to politely. GET A LIFE - The "real" world of women is no longer tied to the hearth and chilluns . The "real" world of women isn't "Desperate Housewives" either. The "real" world of women is all us gals working and living in an inclusive world - with real adults.

OK, I feel better - rant over... how's your world been treating you?