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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Reunion weekend!

So this past weekend was our reunion at a cottage in Sand Banks. That's Bobbi (Roberta), Jo (Joanna) and me around the fabulous Carrot cake Bobbi made. 6 candles representing our joint 60th Bdays this year, collectively that makes us 240 - OMG! We've known each other since we were 8/9 as we all grew up in the old "hood"
We were  bombarded by sand flies for a bit hence the fly swatter in Bobbi's hands. That's Col (Colleen) in the green sweater. I haven't seen 2 of these ladies since high school, but I must say we haven't changed a bit .... ok, maybe a little, a bit of weight, a bit of grey and a couple of changes in hair style. It was such a great weekend, I just wish I could have contributed more to everyone's reminiscing. I was in West Africa for a couple of years, then my family moved away from the "Acres", our old neighbourhood. We shared stories and examples of our creativity and I took up my digital picture frame so we each shared family pics. The ladies loved the mug rugs I made them and we were surprised by Col who made each of us a necklace! It was sooooo nice to have a weekend away and to get together with "the girls" from way back when. What fun ! Thank you ladies, and thanks Colleen for suggesting this great reunion! I will treasure the memories :)

I did manage, in all that excitement to complete one more Owl, just one row to go .... here it is so far
That's all for now, gotta go ....

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy Turkey Day everyone :)

It's Thanksgiving weekend (for us Canadians).  What happened to September? and, don't even bother to blink because it will be Xmas before you know it! I haven't even started my shopping yet .... It's going to be one of those years :( I am in the Thanksgiving mood though and finally this year I have baked something pumpkiny - the Pumpkin Cranberry Pecan muffins were yummy I must say:).
So I've been busy putting my wee garden and the patio to bed and getting ready for this long weekend, and my "reunion" weekend next week. None-the-less I have also been busy making Owls, my life right now. Here's this week's production
They look kind ghoulish without eyes, but that will come soon. Ok, off to finish the house cleaning, and oh, I forgot to get Cool Whip for the Pumpkin Pie. Can't have that! I guess I'll run out to the store - again!

Monday, October 07, 2013

It's a Wild Life!

So, as the image above says it all! I was scheduled to work this past weekend. Not my favourite thing to do on a weekend, but it has some advantages. Fewer people at work to interrupt you and 2 weekdays off work to get things done :). A friend and I managed to catch George (yes that's Mr. Clooney) and Sandra (Bullock) in Gravity. Not bad at all! 
On my way into work Saturday imagine my surprise as this guy ran across my path. At first I though someone's German Shepard was loose. Wait, that's not a dog, what the heck is that. Wait - I watch enough nature shows on PBS, I should be able to ID this animal ..... it's a Coyote! Wow,  Mr. Wile E. crossed my path @ 8:30 am. How impressive is that? Actually it was a 4 lane road which is normally very busy during the morning commute, so lucky dog (I think they are
part of the canine family) it was a Saturday morn, he took a quick look at the 2 cars on the road then loped off towards the fire station. Ok, that's cool.
Well, just to round off my "wild" weekend, I was taking my recycling to the curb last night, in the dark, in the rain. I was in a hurry as I wanted to get back and watch Doc Martin on PBS. I dropped off the 2 boxes then looked up - what ? Who let the Dog Out? - wait, that's not a dog! UH OH, it's a baby skunk and it's about 6 inches away from me !!!!! I backed up verrrrrry carefully. Phew!!
Well, I've been having my own fun indoors with wild life. I'm well on my
way into the Owls baby quilt. I wasn't going to show them online until the project was done, but I'm having so much fun ... So here are a few. I know what you're thinking, where the heck and the Owl's eyes ? Well, the first one I made had eyes, then I decided I wanted to have the eyes going in different directions. By that I mean each Owl looking in a different direction at another Owl in the quilt. I think it would give movement to the quilt. So that's the idea. Below are the Owls completed (sort of) so far. I'll work on the arrangement once they are all done, then applique the eyes in place. Hoping to get this completed along with finishing putting the patio/garden to bed for the (shhh) winter, my Christmas shopping and sewing and my upcoming girlfriend reunion. I'm tired already but excited and looking forward to it all:)