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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Reunion weekend!

So this past weekend was our reunion at a cottage in Sand Banks. That's Bobbi (Roberta), Jo (Joanna) and me around the fabulous Carrot cake Bobbi made. 6 candles representing our joint 60th Bdays this year, collectively that makes us 240 - OMG! We've known each other since we were 8/9 as we all grew up in the old "hood"
We were  bombarded by sand flies for a bit hence the fly swatter in Bobbi's hands. That's Col (Colleen) in the green sweater. I haven't seen 2 of these ladies since high school, but I must say we haven't changed a bit .... ok, maybe a little, a bit of weight, a bit of grey and a couple of changes in hair style. It was such a great weekend, I just wish I could have contributed more to everyone's reminiscing. I was in West Africa for a couple of years, then my family moved away from the "Acres", our old neighbourhood. We shared stories and examples of our creativity and I took up my digital picture frame so we each shared family pics. The ladies loved the mug rugs I made them and we were surprised by Col who made each of us a necklace! It was sooooo nice to have a weekend away and to get together with "the girls" from way back when. What fun ! Thank you ladies, and thanks Colleen for suggesting this great reunion! I will treasure the memories :)

I did manage, in all that excitement to complete one more Owl, just one row to go .... here it is so far
That's all for now, gotta go ....

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regan said...

How wonderful to get together like that! And I got a good laugh from the '240 collectively'.....why on earth would you tally that up!?! HA! So funny!

Love the owls!