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Sunday, April 27, 2014

My tribute to spring. Wish I could claim I made this one, but alas, I am still (yes still) working on Felines and Flutterbies ....  I also wish I could claim Spring is here, but also alas, Easter weekend was a tease. Today is sunny and bright but chilly. My Forsythia are in full bloom (yeah), but my Daffodils remain stubbornly in bud. Personally I need some serious UV treatments as I am still recovering from the bronchitis I had a couple of weeks back and a rather stressful work week. 
I spent Saturday at home, in my chair quilting borders and watching a 9 hour Vikings marathon - oh yeah, Ragnar ...... and doing my taxes - yuck.
Easter weekend was busy busy busy. Family gathering, cakes and salads to make, and of course a pic of the wee one ...


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter, Happy Passover

Simone has discovered her basket .... finally! "She who can not be touched" has been secretly sleeping outside my bedroom door all winter and  I only just discovered this. I'm told that Siamese cats are very loyal. It makes me happy that she wants to be near me, even if she won't let me pet her. Now that SPRING has SPRUNG (yeah!) she's outside as much as possible and loving it! So am I ! Oh joy oh bliss :).
So I decided to make a carrot poke cake for Easter dinner - a new recipe - from scratch - using Biscuit. Looked lovely, smelled lovely - tasted God Awful!!! :(. So it spice cake for us, luckily I had a mix in the back cupboard!
I've been quilting, and managed to finish the last block - WooHoo!!! Now, since no one answered my plea for hints or advice, I jumped in and started quilting the lattice strips. Since I refuse to mark this quilt it is all eyeball work - ok, not exactly, I'm using pins to give me an indication of where I want to quilt. I'm doing X's. Not evenly spaced and I don't care, as the whole quilt is "liberated hand quilting". I figure it may take me well into May to complete the lattice and border quilting, then the binding. So I'm hoping for a June 1st finish!! Wish me luck!
One of my colleagues at work has been nagging me about the Cardinals on my bulletin board, saying I'm the reason Spring is late and she needs to see something Springish on my board. She's right, I desperately need new hangings to post at work. I vow to myself that as soon as Felines and Flutterbies is done, I will alternate my Xmas sewing (got to do that in the summer or it will never ever get done!) with a few new wall hangings FOR ME for work ! We'll just see how long this resolution lasts, my "I'll not buy fabric this year" resolution didn't ....
Not sure what I'll use these fat quarters for - but I'm sure something will come to mind ;)

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Spring has Sprung :)

Spring has sprung - for real - YEAH
I know it's real because I have a Robin hopping around in my backyard as I write! Yeah ! The sun is shining and the temp is up, I even have the back door propped open so Simone (she who can not be touched) can slip in and out at will. We are loving it!! The snow has almost all melted, my Daffodils are up an inch already - YEAH again! Oh how I love the spring!!
I'm getting close to finishing the Felines and Fluttebies - the blocks at least. Here's the 2nd last block almost finished = this week's quilting.
My experiment with 3D butterflies seems not to have worked out as hoped. Instead of standing proudly their wings are curling unnaturally. What's a girl to do? Any suggestions ????? You can see the pins I've stuck in the wings in an attempt to straighten up the wings - to no avail. As soon as I take the pins out the wings curl up again! I'm thinking of trying to starch the wings with some heavy duty starch. In hindsight I should have used heavier heat-n-bond (I used light weight stuff). Any other ideas out there ???? Would appreciate any advice! Perhaps I'll get into the sewing room and do something else one of these days when Felines is finished!!