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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Snow Day?

This was my morning wakeup call! Who ever heard of a snow day on a Sunday :(. The library is closed, here's hoping they stay closed tomorrow, as it is still snowing - YIKES! That's my patio table stranded out there in the middle of the backyard. The condo people announced they will be roofing starting on Monday, so dear B-I-L and sister came over & moved the table off the patio so it wouldn't be damaged. Roofing ? Doubt it, not with 2' of snow! Luckily it's not too cold out, yeah. Still took me an hour to shovel out 1/2 of the sidewalk. More shoveling to come :(.
So, the winter time crunch has hit, and even though I have great plans/dreams I just know I will never get to sewing all those Christmas table runners, etc. So instead I have taken up knitting! Geesh, I haven't knit for oh, a couple of decades at least! Thanks to a fellow quilter who showed me the "trick" @ quild night (Thank you Karen C), I have one completed ruffle scarf (the blue one), one started (the blue & green one) and plans for at least 1-2 more! Resolution - I will start the table runners, etc I didn't get made this year in January so they will be ready for next year!!
Last night I managed to plan the last borders for the Owl quilt, and get the words bonded. I was planning on zigzagging around all the letters this afternoon - but will probably spend it shoveling  instead :(. Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Feeling old ...

Don't ya just love Judi Dench ? I'm feeling old, suddenly many of my favourite products are dropping off the shelf! What's a girl to do? First it was my favourite soup mix, darn, I'll have to make this from scratch!
Next it was my favourite chocolate bar (OH NO!!!! I need my chocolate !) I used to keep a stock of 5-6 in the house, 'cause you never know when a crisis would occur and chocolate was needed ...
Now it's the tea I have been drinking for the last 40-50 years .... Are you kidding me!
But wait - I actually found a grocery store in my neck of the woods which still carries this. So to be safe I now have a stock of 6-8 boxes. That should keep me going for awhile! Perhaps this is what the future holds as I continue to age ..... I'm not going to enjoy the ride as I find I am becoming a creature of habit :(
Today's mission is to get the Owl blocks put together into a quilt top. If I have any time left over I will re-cut the blades for the Dresden plate table topper I miscut last week. Of course, being Sunday tonight is Doc Martin, Masterpiece Theatre and Downtown Abbey YEAH YEAH YEAH. I shall be in from of the boob tube knitting ruffle scarves - three more to go before Xmas.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Eyes have it ;)

Well, the eyes have it! I have added the eyes to all the owls. Now I need to do the sashing and corner stones and the top is ready for quilting. Good thing as the baby shower is the first week of December! Yikes!!
Still basking in the glow from our reunion weekend, it was so much fun! Here we are outside a shop called "Dead People's Stuff". What a great name for an antique store ... Yes, we did some shopping, and No, it was not fabric shopping - amazing for me ;)
Now I'm thick into planning 1, 2 or maybe 3 Christmas table runners, so spent the night digging through my Xmas fabric box(es). I think I have found three different patterns, and three different colour combos. Looking forward to getting back to the sewing machine. I plan to machine quilt these, so wish me luck! I will definitely provide pics when these are done - wait for it ;).
The calendar is filling up quickly. Have started the planning for the potluck/Secret Santa dinner for my Sew What stitching group. Then there's family and work stuff coming up. Somewhere in all this I need to start my Xmas shopping, help the parents, do the church dinner thingee, theatre, work a weekend, etc. I'm certainly looking forward to my week off @ Christmas, can't wait!!