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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Feeling old ...

Don't ya just love Judi Dench ? I'm feeling old, suddenly many of my favourite products are dropping off the shelf! What's a girl to do? First it was my favourite soup mix, darn, I'll have to make this from scratch!
Next it was my favourite chocolate bar (OH NO!!!! I need my chocolate !) I used to keep a stock of 5-6 in the house, 'cause you never know when a crisis would occur and chocolate was needed ...
Now it's the tea I have been drinking for the last 40-50 years .... Are you kidding me!
But wait - I actually found a grocery store in my neck of the woods which still carries this. So to be safe I now have a stock of 6-8 boxes. That should keep me going for awhile! Perhaps this is what the future holds as I continue to age ..... I'm not going to enjoy the ride as I find I am becoming a creature of habit :(
Today's mission is to get the Owl blocks put together into a quilt top. If I have any time left over I will re-cut the blades for the Dresden plate table topper I miscut last week. Of course, being Sunday tonight is Doc Martin, Masterpiece Theatre and Downtown Abbey YEAH YEAH YEAH. I shall be in from of the boob tube knitting ruffle scarves - three more to go before Xmas.

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regan said...

I just googled pics of Dame Judy and will taking them to my hairdresser next time! She has the exact cut that I've been trying to get! Thanks! :o)