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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Snow Day?

This was my morning wakeup call! Who ever heard of a snow day on a Sunday :(. The library is closed, here's hoping they stay closed tomorrow, as it is still snowing - YIKES! That's my patio table stranded out there in the middle of the backyard. The condo people announced they will be roofing starting on Monday, so dear B-I-L and sister came over & moved the table off the patio so it wouldn't be damaged. Roofing ? Doubt it, not with 2' of snow! Luckily it's not too cold out, yeah. Still took me an hour to shovel out 1/2 of the sidewalk. More shoveling to come :(.
So, the winter time crunch has hit, and even though I have great plans/dreams I just know I will never get to sewing all those Christmas table runners, etc. So instead I have taken up knitting! Geesh, I haven't knit for oh, a couple of decades at least! Thanks to a fellow quilter who showed me the "trick" @ quild night (Thank you Karen C), I have one completed ruffle scarf (the blue one), one started (the blue & green one) and plans for at least 1-2 more! Resolution - I will start the table runners, etc I didn't get made this year in January so they will be ready for next year!!
Last night I managed to plan the last borders for the Owl quilt, and get the words bonded. I was planning on zigzagging around all the letters this afternoon - but will probably spend it shoveling  instead :(. Wish me luck!

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