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Monday, November 29, 2010

Work Free Day - Woohoo!

So today is a work free day - woohoo - and I deserve it!!! Since I took the process pledge I need to show the process and not just the finished project!
Here's the Holsteins Ahead project on the ironing board. Once all the pieces are applied it was off to the sewing machine where I used invisible thread to quilt/tack down all the appliques. Seems I have developed the knack for that. But then I decided to do some thread painting in the grassy knoll (pardon the silly reference). Although I practiced practiced and practiced I was not at all satisfied with my tension with this machine work - but what can you do? Well, I did pick some/a lot out and redid it using a coloured thread in the bobbin as well as the variegated thread on top. It was a little better, but still not the best. Guess I need more practice practice practice!
What else have I been working on? Well .... while digging through my basket of holiday fabrics I ran across a 1/2 made table runner. All I needed to do was quilt it! So, since I already had the machine threaded up with invisible thread ..... This time the tension problem seems to have corrected itself - go figure - and I'm very satisfied with the end results. I even had enough "left-over" bindings in green and red to get this puppy finished off! Not sure who will be the lucky recipient - any takers?

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Last Knit

I think you'll really enjoy this video!

I'm sick!

I'm sick - I'm truly truly sick! I mean completely addicted. What wrong's with me? I'm suddenly, totally, completely addicted to Ted Danson. Yup - that's right, Ted Danson!
How the heck did this happen? Why me? Am I nuts??? Suddenly I find my day starting off at 7 am with reruns of Cheers. A full hour while I'm running around the house madly trying to feed the kitties, drink some tea, put on my face and head out for the day. And now I'm ending my day with a half hour of Becker. Ok, at first I didn't even realize the connection, and then it seemed relatively harmless, but now I'm convinced I'm hooked, addicted, obsessed even!


 ... now for something quilty - here's what I've been up to .... and what I'm spending this weekend machine quilting. I intend on using invisible thread to quilt down all the appliques, and hope to do some thread painting in the grass area. Wish me luck!TTFN

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Well, the "Canadian Cottage" baby quilt is done, but the maker is now a sickee - Achoo! Got the sinus cold/flu bug that is going around - just in time for one of my busiest weeks, of course!!! I've started the Holsteins Ahead and will be posting pics of that soon - that is if I can get off my sick bed. I pushed it today and went into the library to take some pics... shouldn't have done that, now I'm feeling miserable and they won't believe I was OK Sunday but sick on Monday. What can ya do!?

Monday, November 01, 2010

On the Frame ...

My cup runneth over. I must confess that I am happiest when I have something on the frame. I LOVE hand quilting. Next to that I love hand stitching, usually cross stitch, but any - yes ANY hand stitching. I find it totally relaxing and a great stress reliever. The workshop baby quilt is on the frame and half done. In case the pic looks a bit odd may I explain, I baste on "extender" cloths (an old sheet ripped up) to all the edges so I can quilt right to the edge. I'm doing my favourite pattern - stitch in the ditch ;) and expect to finish this week, binding excepted. After that all I have planned is the McKenna Ryan Holsteins Ahead and this gift is done! Woohoo!
Whilst blog surfing last week I noticed several other ladies commenting on the experience of people taking their FREE tutes and selling the products on Etsy. Again, all I can say is Tut Tut Tut, there is always some selfish one out there who can't play fair. At least I'm not the only one!