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Monday, November 29, 2010

Work Free Day - Woohoo!

So today is a work free day - woohoo - and I deserve it!!! Since I took the process pledge I need to show the process and not just the finished project!
Here's the Holsteins Ahead project on the ironing board. Once all the pieces are applied it was off to the sewing machine where I used invisible thread to quilt/tack down all the appliques. Seems I have developed the knack for that. But then I decided to do some thread painting in the grassy knoll (pardon the silly reference). Although I practiced practiced and practiced I was not at all satisfied with my tension with this machine work - but what can you do? Well, I did pick some/a lot out and redid it using a coloured thread in the bobbin as well as the variegated thread on top. It was a little better, but still not the best. Guess I need more practice practice practice!
What else have I been working on? Well .... while digging through my basket of holiday fabrics I ran across a 1/2 made table runner. All I needed to do was quilt it! So, since I already had the machine threaded up with invisible thread ..... This time the tension problem seems to have corrected itself - go figure - and I'm very satisfied with the end results. I even had enough "left-over" bindings in green and red to get this puppy finished off! Not sure who will be the lucky recipient - any takers?


regan said...

The cows are too cute, and I like the grass in the front....nice job!

I love the fabrics in the Christmas runner....beautiful snowflakes, too!


Anonymous said...
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