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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Did You See it?

Did you see it? Look close now - closer .... closer ... I didn't see it - I missed it totally! But that's the advantage of a digital camera and blogging :) Apparently I switched two of the patches in block three, then repeated the mistake in block four. Easy enough to do .... and easy enough not to catch when that's all you have completed. But the mistake would become a whopper in the final quilt! I didn't see the problem until I was proof reading last week's blog entry. I came down with the plague (cold/flu) last week, consequently my only accomplishment for the entire week was to tear apart these two blocks and re-sew them with the correct fabric placement!
Here's the corrected four blocks. Ahhhhh, much better. I know what you're thinking - not much difference. Anyway, now that I'm on the mend, and my blocks are mended I can proceed to the next four blocks. Now if only I can figure out the pressing plan I'll be really happy :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Prideful Beginnings

Ok, Fall isn't really a beginning, it's more of an ending, but I have to admit I'm in love with my Japanese Maple. The patio has successfully been put to bed for another season :( but my Maple is showing it's colours in full Fall glory. It's another sunny warmish Sunday and I'm loving it?
So you may ask, what is the beginnings?
This - TaDa!!!! I have three blocks done for my niece's wedding quilt. I know - it's hard to tell what the heck this quilt will look like just from three blocks. There are 55 pieces to each block, and 7 different colours. Although I purchased the book so I would have the complete instructions, following instructions has become more and more difficult for my post menopausal brain ! None-the-less I'm proud of getting started - it's my beginning!
I'm proud of myself for once again attempting a new recipe (new to me anyway). My colleagues and I had a 6oth B-day potluck on the weekend, and instead of wimping out and buying something mass produced I made a potato puff casserole. Herb and garlic and yummy :)And lastly, I'm also proud of myself for turning a negative work situation into a positive. For too long silly work stuff dripped over into my real (non-work) life. But lately I have taken a more constructive approach. Unfortunately, while attempting to crow about my change in attitude to a usually supportive friend, the stars misaligned and our conversation got off track ... Ah well, everyone has their own opinion, Some days ya just can't win, but ya can keep on trying ..... and I'll keep on making more blocks!
P.S. Block 4 completed!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving :)

So, as promised here is a photo of my completed (aka bound) Fall table runner. Took me a week, I had fun and got to practice my machine quilting - always a plus! I took it to my fair soeur's for thanksgiving dinner. Not surprisingly her comment was not "thank you" but "oh". I'll take that as a "Ohhh, how nice", although I strongly suspect it was "Oh, not another one ". Hmmmm,

Remember these from August? My $5 chairs with their ugly 1970's gold flocked fabric?? Well, I finally got around to ripping the old covers off, and discovered these chairs must have been professionally re-covered in that ugly Gold flocked fabric, as they had a gazillion staples and, cotton canvas covers underneath. Good! So, on the left is the before picture, and on the right is the first chair with the ugly fabric removed.

I started with the top front and back. Not toooo too bad, after carefully removing the ugly fabric I used it as a "pattern" to cut the new pieces. Since I bought the whole bolt (Ok, you can stop freaking out now .... there was less than 6 meters and it was on sale @ $3 a meter! ) After getting that "right" I moved on to the seat .... much more complicated as you have to go around the wee arm. This is where the ugly old gold fabric had ripped, so I needed to take care and leave extra, while still making it look neat. What do you think, how'd I do?
Anyway, the gimp trim will have to wait for another day. It's just tooooo nice out not to go for a long walk then finish my book sitting on the patio.

Sunday, October 02, 2011


Well, I've been busy! Using a tutorial I found on the internet (the I created a car organizer for my car back seat. It now holds my book of maps (out dated now that I have GPS), my accordion folding sun shade screen, my soon to be used (waaaah) snow scraper, and finally, my string bags for grocery shopping. I decide not to bore you with the details of how .... suffice it to say I used a stretchy brown/black denim I had in my stash (why I can not fathom) and a nifty black & white geometric cotton print, also from my stash! Of course I couldn't stop with just the organizer and went on to make a garbage bag, and shortly will try my hand at a visor CD holder! Thanks to both ladies for such great and useful tutorials!
So ... what else am I working on you ask? Welllll, browsing through my abundant collection of miscellaneous quilt magazines I came across this wonderful Fons & Porter pattern for a fall table runner. I have been collecting leaf fabrics lately in anticipation of using them in my niece's wedding quilt, and because they are soooo lovely. The combination of this pattern and the fabric just screamed at me. Since I am over to my dear sister's home for Thanksgiving, I decided it might be appropriate to whip this up for her! ...So first you dig out a bunch of neutral beiges, cut them into 3.5" strips, sew the strips together, then cut them apart into 3 patch strips, sew them together again. Didn't even notice that I was toooo matchy matchy. Next time I'll try to mix it up better .... Then you border it with your fantastic fall leaf fabric. Next, cut out some oak/maple leaves in coordinating colours and strategically place them then bond the leaves to the runner. I chose to machine embroider the leave veins. I know what you're thinking - how lazy! Well, Thanksgiving is next weekend and I really want to get this one done. On the right I'm machine quilting with invisible thread. You get a peak at the backing fabric, also a nice fall leaf print. Hopefully next week I'll have it finished and will give you a picture of the completed project. Then back to/finish cutting out my niece's wedding quilt.