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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ta Da!!

Ta Da! This week has been soooooo successful. To start, I PUMPED GAS! Yup - I said it, I actually got out of my car and pumped my own gas. I wanted $20 and I pumped exactly $20!! Yeah for me (small triumph, but none-the-less a triumph). Second triumph of the week ... (see pic on left) I have finished the outside blocks for "Squirrels Not Allowed". This is actually beginning to look like something - yeah - and I can start to see the pattern evolving. On the right is this week's set of blocks in the making. I can actually say that so far (risk jinxing it here) I have done NO unsewing - so far! Third Ta Da this week are these two Christmas placemats I made. Every year our guild donates homemade placemats to Meals On Wheels I use smoke plastic thread, top and bobbin and used my scallop stitch on the Husky to quickly machine quilt these. The green binding is some broadcloth donated to me many years ago from a non sewer.
The fourth success this week I must share - it was an enjoyable get-together. Our quilt group gathered at CMR's for a very friendly evening. Our hostess was away down East for the summer months and has only been back a month. We were treated to her many accomplishments while she was away, and a house all decorated for the holidays. It was nice to see her, and nice to see the group all getting along so well and overall it was a very enjoyable evening.
And, lastly, TA DA ! I have been notified that my blog post (Sunday Aug 22, 2010 - Busy Busy -Opps!) will be featured on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Guess it's my 15 minutes ;). Note: this tutorial was NOT my original idea but based on something I was shown at guild by another lady, who in turn learned it in Florida at a craft workshop for seniors. Now, what on earth will I do for an encore??P.S. I finished the last three blocks and the centre. Even though I used my fabric plan (see above) I have to admit I am not happy with my centre block. It's supposed to be a lighter version of the outer blocks, but right now it;s just not making it. So, I'll have to audition some other fabrics, do some unsewing - well, you know the rest. Here's what I have so far ....TTFN

Saturday, November 19, 2011

One step forward - Two back!

Well, another week of sewing. Do you see the mistake? Hint, the one on the left is correct, the one on the right is not. I made one correct, three incorrect blocks. WAHHHHH. So, needless to say the old unsewing instrument came out - again! Below is the layout with the corrected blocks. Now we can start to see the pattern coming thru and I can figure out what block is next!
What else is a step backward you ask? Ok, don't laugh now, my full service gas station on the corner closed. Big deal eh? Well, I DON'T PUMP GAS. Yup - I'm an anachronist ... because I had a full service station, always a cent or two cheaper than the big brand on the next corner ... well, I'm not stupid (really, I'm not!) guess where I always filled up! But now I have to learn how to pump gas. Oh Bother! another big WAHHHHHH.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

She Scores!

I know what you're thinking - what they heck are these? Well ladies, remember those $5 Eastlake parlor chairs? They came sans casters, so, while out and about this weekend antiquing with a friend I scored! 4 porcelain casters, two for each front leg ! Woohoo! It was a fabulous day, lots of sunshine, good company and fun activities. Thanks SVA!
What else have I been up to? well I was down for the count for about two weeks with the plague (aka cold/flu) even though I got my flu shot! Grrr. Here's a pic of my block from two weeks ago.
Even though it was "next" in the instructions it turns out not to be next in the actual quilt. So here on the left is the first and third blocks. This week's is the pinwheel block, and on the right are the 1st, 2nd and third blocks. I starting to place them on my design wall in the order they will go in the quilt. It seems there are several groupings of 4, but within each group they either rotate in a specific way or reverse fabric placement right over left. Because I'm mildly dyslexic this can be very confusing for me. I rely very heavily on the visual, so my design wall is my best friend. Wish me luck -more to come ...... TTFN