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Saturday, November 19, 2011

One step forward - Two back!

Well, another week of sewing. Do you see the mistake? Hint, the one on the left is correct, the one on the right is not. I made one correct, three incorrect blocks. WAHHHHH. So, needless to say the old unsewing instrument came out - again! Below is the layout with the corrected blocks. Now we can start to see the pattern coming thru and I can figure out what block is next!
What else is a step backward you ask? Ok, don't laugh now, my full service gas station on the corner closed. Big deal eh? Well, I DON'T PUMP GAS. Yup - I'm an anachronist ... because I had a full service station, always a cent or two cheaper than the big brand on the next corner ... well, I'm not stupid (really, I'm not!) guess where I always filled up! But now I have to learn how to pump gas. Oh Bother! another big WAHHHHHH.

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regan said...

Your quilt is really coming along! I love the pattern that is being created! Beautiful!

And I totally know what you mean about pumping gas! Yuck! I've been doing it for years now....but I still hate doing it! First thing you need to do is get a pair of old, big work gloves, and keep them stashed under your driver's seat. Don't EVER touch that pump handle with your bare's filthy! Yuck! Imagine how many dirty disgusting people (mostly gross men!) have touched that thing! And the stationed NEVER clean them! I'd say use a paper towel to grab the pump, but stations rarely fill the towel get the gloves! And old crappy pair will do....don't ruin your nice gloves! Trust me on this!