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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Boy oh Boy, it sure has been cold outside! The older I get the more I feel the cold, brrrrrrrr! Even Simone and Iris have been hibernating and not sticking their nose outside. Unfortunately for their mommy I still have to go to work :( On a brighter note, I have been fabric shopping, yes, again ...
Aren't the reds lovely ? They will warm me up. Actually they're for some of the roses on the Carol Armstrong cat quilt referred to in the last post (no pics yet, I'm still working on vines and leaves). Upon looking at this pic I see I haven't enough light/dark difference between all these. Oh dear, I may have to go shopping again!!  Of course I did just use some of my reds to make something for the mater for February.
This free pattern was supposed to be a table runner, but I changed it up somewhat and just made a small hanging for her front door. And yes, I machine quilted it = more practice for me :)
Anyway, keep warm ladies and  remember

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Year of the Cat

So, I've decided, 2013 is the year of the cat. I am going to finish the UFO (above)
This UFO was started years ago. How many years ago I can't remember, but I can tell you I was just learning how to applique. The cats are from Carol Armstrong's Cats in Quilts book. I guess I got tired of appliqueing and put it away missing 2 blocks. While cleaning the sewing room this holiday season I came across it again and decided 2013 (and maybe 2014) is the year of the cat!! As you can see I have added one cat, and am now doing the vines, leaves and flowers which go with each block. I have to admit I'M IN LOVE WITH APPLIQUE - again :) :) I'll decided what to do with the bottom left corner "block" at the end, maybe a few mice?
Below is a pic of Maggie Walker's Cats in my Garden. A past member of our guild decided, after collecting the 9 BOM patterns, that she would never ever complete this quilt. She donated the patterns to me and, although I am totally in love with it I have to admit I have not started it for too many years now. Hence, the years of the Cat!!
I am sooooo looking forward to starting (and completing) this Maggie Walker project, which will be for MEEEEEE- so no pressure other than to just get it finished!! At some point in between these two big projects I also want to finish my other long overdue Cat projects - the last 2 of the McKenna Ryan Cat tyrptic ... These are definitely long overdue !
Then of course there is also this project I purchased at least 2 years ago ..
Hmmm, now that I look at all this perhaps I should say the next THREE YEARS will be years of the cat!! Wish me luck ;)
P.S. I found out what the sewing item (present) from last week's blog is called - I think it's an Etui

Sunday, January 06, 2013


I guess it's officially winter,  the snow has come, and stayed! I must admit it looks kinda nice, and I definitely have the urge to stay home and cocoon myself with some stitchery or applique or quilting :)
Speaking of sewing - here's a present from one of my very creative friends. Can you guess what it is? At first I was afraid to open it, but then ....  I'm sure this has a formal name, but I don't know it, do you? Whatever it's name is I think it is very inventive and creative, meant to hold my sewing tools and spools! The whole thing folds up mysteriously. She did a fabulous job, THANK YOU Susan :)  And my long distance friend was also thinking of my sewing and sent along this wonderful gadget. There is a very strong magnet on the back and you are supposed to sandwich your stitchery/quilt/fabric in between the sheep and the magnet. I have attached it to my armchair pin cushion and fell in love with it the very first night :) ;) :) THANK YOU Colleen!
It sure is nice to have such kind and considerate friends ...
Post holidays I spent cleaning up some past Holiday gifts which had developed some "issues". First was re-working the embroidery on this Poinsettia table topper so it was more readable. Second was downsizing this old fashioned Santa so he will fit on mother's apt. door next year, and some additional quilting. Last I finally got to the machine quilting for the Lil Twister table runner. Yes ladies, I quilted in all the puckers, nothing else I could do with it unless I simply tossed it in the circular file. I loved the blue fabrics too much to do that!
Now that is all done I can move on to 2013 projects ..... Of course there was a wee bit of fabric shopping, and I picked up some more Holiday themed fabric (more Figgy Pudding) for next year's projects! I resolve to start them this summer and not wait until December when they will never get finished in time ;) !