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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bridal Shower! :)

Here comes the bride .....
The Bride to be was happy and relaxed, and all the preparations proved worth it.
The table looked lovely (if I do say so myself ....). The floral arrangement was pink and white Hydranga - my favourite flowers, with white rose petals strewn on the table. The guests, family and friends talked and laughed and ate and I think everyone enjoyed themselves!

Mother of the bride (centre) with friends. Cousins, aunts and Great aunts also attended - many from out of town. THANKS for coming ladies. I was very happy to finally use my tea cup holders. We tiered two cake plates for the cupcakes, which were a big hit! We got out the Limoge China,  and served tea in the silver tea service from Lisa's Great grandmother B. One of her great aunts presented her with a memento, a tea cup from her great grandmother on the S side of the family, a really lovely and touching thought! We even had "fancy" pinwheel sandwiches - woohoo!!
 I used cupcake fabric and made a pie carrier as part of Lisa's gift. Of course I inserted a pie plate (minus the pie) in the carrier. I used insulated batting when making the carrier so it would hold the heat well. I never actually learned how to make a pie myself - maybe Lisa will be a better baker than me!

P.S. For those who read this blog regularly an update: Cotton by Post responded positively to my email re the "blank" gift card and honoured the card, so I got the three metres of fabric I had picked out! See ladies - it pays to complain - nicely!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another Septimana Horribilis !

So, this has been another septimana horribulis, aka horrible week. It started out on Monday with very strong winds. My neighbour's door was caught by the wind and slammed shut so hard our common wall shook violently.  A piece of decorative wood which sits on top of my over-mantle (see April 1st blog entry for pic) fell, knocking over the chimney for my hurricane lamp and my electric lamp, breaking both the glass chimney and the lampshade! Above is a pic of the replacement lampshade - it is no longer a matching lampshade to it's sister lamps, :(.
By Tuesday that creeping feeling I had on Monday morphed into the cold it threatened to be .... so, two days off work being a sickie :(.
Friday evening I was overjoyed as I put the last stitch in the wedding quilt. I tore it out of the frame and laid it out on the living room floor in order to view my efforts. Opps - I really need to add more quilting to the centre applique blocks. DARN! I'm not sure if you can see it in this pic, but I have started hand stippling in the four applique blocks. I hope, hope hope this will only extend the project by a week or two, as I really really want to take it along with me to the next guild show-n-tell. It may be my only opportunity to show it off!

To end the week off, Saturday I happily drove off to one of our local quilt stores in search of binding fabric for the wedding quilt. I took along my Christmas gift card and a few of my spinning four patch blocks hoping to get some fabrics to also finish off this project. Imagine my surprise when the clerk in the shop informed me that my gift card, which had been happily sleeping in a drawer since Xmas, was "Blank". Yup, that's right, zip, nada, nothing, zero!!! HOW CAN THAT POSSIBLY BE??? This is a traditional gift from my sister/brother-in-law for several years now, usually with no problemos. Could she check the computer and find out how much the card was worth ? - no. Could she call the owner to see what we can do about this? - no.

I finished off the week by starting a pie carrier for my niece for the bridal shower we are holding next weekend.  Here's the beginning of this project. I got the fabulous cupcake fabric at the Ye Olde Quilt Shoppe in Stratford (cupcakes are all the rage right now). As you can see I am following a fabulous online tutorial by Dixie Doodles. I'll take a pic and show the completed work in next week's blog entry. That is if next week turns out better than this past week, although they are calling for that four letter S word (snow), which does not bode well for our Spring flowers, YIKES!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quilt Show season!

Well, tis Quilt show season and myself and two friends managed the Shedden Quilt show this past Friday. Thank you retired ladies for accommodating to my work schedule and going Friday after work! Ahhhhh, it was so lovely to walk about and view the fabulous hand, and machine work of sister quilters.
Above is a pic of this month's postcards I made. In between the two postcards is the mini clothes peg where I got the flowers from (dollar store ya know). The pic doesn't show true colours as what looks like beige is actually a lovely vibrant green! They were fun - as always!
As we all know this year is Charles Dickens' 200th anniversary. I got hooked immediately on the PBS airing of BBC's Great Expectations
I must read the book.
This week I must admit I've been hooked on all the Titanic shows on PBS and the National Geographic channel. Ah well, the hand quilting is coming along as I sit and listen to the TV, could be worse, I could be sleeping in front of the TV instead ;)!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Bunny Day!

I wish I could say this was my quilt - but I must be honest, it is not :(. It's a pic of a pattern sold by Quiltville?, but it's cute! One of these days I will make myself an Easter quilt (yeah right).
I also wish I could say the wonderfully curative powers of sunlight was working for me. I sat on my patio for 2.5 hours on Friday, and have spent three - fabulous mornings in my sunlit kitchen. I'm still exhausted to the bone. One more month and I'll have some true vacation time (one whole week) - YEAH. I think I'll spend it sleeping and not answering the phone ;) Now if I can just get through May without being a Perhaps the restorative power of cake will help? . Which one? Cinnamon or Spice ? Doesn't matter - let me eat cake - yummmmm.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Workshop - Yeah!

So, last weekend I dug into my Xmas/birthday dollars and bought my first Kijiji purchase. I got a new to me antique washstand, seen here in front of my antique over-mantle. It has taken me years to find a washstand I really like at a price I felt was fair. This one, although a wee bit wider than I wanted, was expertly refinished and is in good condition. I wanted a washstand for my living room because I need the drawers/cupboard to hold all my crafty stuff ! As you can see I already have my remote control holder hanging from the towel rack on the right side - very handy.
So this weekend was the much anticipated re-scheduled workshop from January - Spinning 4 patch. It's a variation of the Stack n Whack technique, but simpler (thank goodness). Other than the Herculian task of dragging your sewing equipment down and out to the car and down to the church basement, then back up to the car and finally up and back into my sewing room - PHEW! I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop! I took the pink/beige floral fabric (on the left) with me but was concerned it wouldn't look good. So, J (the lady giving this excellent workshop) sold me the black Japanese print(on the right). I got both fabrics cut and made all the blocks in the pink and 6 of the blocks in the black print. YEAH . I've included a few of the actual blocks for your viewing pleasure ...What else have I been up to? Remember these Eastlake chairs ? and my woes because the vintage porcelain casters didn't fit? Well, on second examination I determined just a wee bit of effort would get these puppies into place - and voila!! The chairs are complete :)
And here's Iris trying to decide whether or not to go outside. She likes the Daffodils but thinks the warm sunny weather has disappeared for a wee bit!