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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quilt Show season!

Well, tis Quilt show season and myself and two friends managed the Shedden Quilt show this past Friday. Thank you retired ladies for accommodating to my work schedule and going Friday after work! Ahhhhh, it was so lovely to walk about and view the fabulous hand, and machine work of sister quilters.
Above is a pic of this month's postcards I made. In between the two postcards is the mini clothes peg where I got the flowers from (dollar store ya know). The pic doesn't show true colours as what looks like beige is actually a lovely vibrant green! They were fun - as always!
As we all know this year is Charles Dickens' 200th anniversary. I got hooked immediately on the PBS airing of BBC's Great Expectations
I must read the book.
This week I must admit I've been hooked on all the Titanic shows on PBS and the National Geographic channel. Ah well, the hand quilting is coming along as I sit and listen to the TV, could be worse, I could be sleeping in front of the TV instead ;)!

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