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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Workshop - Yeah!

So, last weekend I dug into my Xmas/birthday dollars and bought my first Kijiji purchase. I got a new to me antique washstand, seen here in front of my antique over-mantle. It has taken me years to find a washstand I really like at a price I felt was fair. This one, although a wee bit wider than I wanted, was expertly refinished and is in good condition. I wanted a washstand for my living room because I need the drawers/cupboard to hold all my crafty stuff ! As you can see I already have my remote control holder hanging from the towel rack on the right side - very handy.
So this weekend was the much anticipated re-scheduled workshop from January - Spinning 4 patch. It's a variation of the Stack n Whack technique, but simpler (thank goodness). Other than the Herculian task of dragging your sewing equipment down and out to the car and down to the church basement, then back up to the car and finally up and back into my sewing room - PHEW! I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop! I took the pink/beige floral fabric (on the left) with me but was concerned it wouldn't look good. So, J (the lady giving this excellent workshop) sold me the black Japanese print(on the right). I got both fabrics cut and made all the blocks in the pink and 6 of the blocks in the black print. YEAH . I've included a few of the actual blocks for your viewing pleasure ...What else have I been up to? Remember these Eastlake chairs ? and my woes because the vintage porcelain casters didn't fit? Well, on second examination I determined just a wee bit of effort would get these puppies into place - and voila!! The chairs are complete :)
And here's Iris trying to decide whether or not to go outside. She likes the Daffodils but thinks the warm sunny weather has disappeared for a wee bit!

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