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Friday, November 17, 2006

How Long has it been?

I've been sooooo busy I haven't even had time to blog! Right now I'm working on another baby quilt (no, not this one - the Sesame Street quilt you see was made for a cousin - she LOVED IT!)

This time the quilt is for a colleague, both she and her husband are anthropologists, so I've gone with a Rock Art (that's primitive man cave paintings - not rock music) theme. Here's hoping I get it done before she has the wee one.

My machine is still in the shop - again! This is repair #2! Warning ladies - NEVER EVER LEND YOUR SEWING MACHINE. You quickly learn what kind of friend a person really is when they return it broken and say "I feel bad - I didn't get to finish my project"! Knowing that your "friend" did nothing intentionally does very little to alleviate the expense and major inconvenience , etc. ...

So, as the sewing machine (or lack thereof) saga continues, I bought a mechanical (cheap Kenmore) and now have something to work with - take on workshops for the duration. I'll leave the expensive computerized sewing machine at home (once I finally get it back from the shop!) - NEVER to be lent out again. Once burnt =Once too many...

Life is never simple - eh?