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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rant - Who Me???

For all you readers out at sea ..... who think OMG does she ever do anything but rant?

WRONG - I don't rant. My posts are a conscious attempt to communicate the angst of modern day living in an unconnected world where I have an existentially difficult time pursuing a sense of community - aka dealing with the alienation of a modern day single !

So, d
oes she ever talk about the mundane ? You betcha.
Yesterday I went to several clothing stores and spent endless hours searching, evaluating. modelling and for the most part - rejecting numerous, no, copious amounts of clothing. After becoming way to dejected/depressed, I triumphantly emerged with my own conspicously overly abundant bundle of unneeded new clothing! OK, OK, I SHOPPED!

Shopping is a curious thing. Compelled by our uber-consumer obsessed society, shopping frequently takes the place of other activities and has several disquieting, less than positive social overtones associated with it. Personally I have analysed my own situation, but am not yet sucessful in completely escaping its grip! Shopping, at certain times of the year, at least for me, still holds an all-encompassing allure so powerful that the act becomes something irrational - something like eating chocolate. Even though my logical mind understands that I should simply NOT GO INTO A STORE, I can still end up going home with bags and bags of needlessly purchased items YIKES!

The shopping endorphin high is very short lived, replaced quickly by the ever familiar quilt-ridden depression because I've "wasted my money" - Thanks MOM! I really must learn to disassociate the purchase of new items with social approval - maybe then I'll be able to break the shopping cycle and just enjoy it!

or maybe not...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Mornings ....

It's official, I hate Monday mornings, even after - or especially after a three day weekend! I wonder if after I retire I'll still hate Monday mornings. I suspect so, I'll have to check with my retired friends to see if this is so.

Spent the weekend working on a Robyn Pandolph applique piece (I really need to get a digital camera). Managed a wee bit of cleaning, which at this time of year also requires furniture re-arranging.