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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Claire!

 She's one year old!! Can you believe it? What a lucky girl.

My sister had the family over for a birthday party. What fun watching Claire open her gifts and play. She was really into pulling out the tissue paper, oh what fun! Claire danced around and laughed and played with the paper. Maybe we should have just given her tissue paper!!
Then again, the sock monkey was an immediate hit! People thought it was something I made, but nooooo - that was my purchased present. My hand made contribution was the Felines and Flutterbies quilt. I had to reassure "the family" that she will NOT be getting a quilt for every birthday .... but I thought that she might enjoy these kitties and butterflies now!
On the home front not much else happened this past week. It's been freaking frigid cold this past week, and next week isn't forecast to be much better. I do not do cold very well, so all my energy is spent just getting to and from work! Oh to be one of those lucky retirees ! None-the-less I did manage to get my "April Showers" door hanging sandwiched and ready to quilt.
Then I stalled for lack of inspiration on how to quilt it. Not to worry, on my Sat trip to WalMart for cat food I stopped to look at one of the many quilt mags - and found my inspiration - raindrops! I'll quilt raindrops!! This should be fun :).
TTFN, hoping the weather improves a bit, at least warms up some !

Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter - Bah Humbug!

Another day of EXTREME cold - luckily it's Family Day in Ontario so I can stay home indoors and snuggle up! Yeah ! Not looking forward to the rest of the week - I don't do well at all in this kind of cold. Winter - bah humbug!
Finally got inspired Sunday afternoon. Got this fabulous umbrella fabric, with matching rain boot fabric a few weeks back. I have decided to work on a door hanging for Spring. Why dwell on the rotten cold weather - let's think Spring!! Here's what I got accomplished last night
I'm using the rain boots fabric as the umbrella base. The umbrella in the top left is going to change, I'm not happy with that green or just the single piece of it. As you can see I applique using freezer paper on top rather than fuse my pieces. So far I'm very happy with the white dotty fabric - makes me think of rain drops. stay tuned ...

New season of Vikings starts this week - WOOHOO, yeah Ragnar :)

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Shhhh, Don't tell mother

A Valentine's day mug rug for the mater. When I was picking out the scrap strips these looked great. Now that it's all done I'm thinking it's rather Christmasy ? Maybe that's just me as I used the one fabric in a Xmas table runner for my niece and now I see that fabric as Christmas. The strips on the side are a bit wonky, never mind, I got something accomplished last week and that's a good thing.....
The next couple of weeks will be busy for me, ticket selling at our next guild meeting, driving all around town picking up/delivering people for a pre-Valentines pizza dinner, taking the car in for its last required oil change, birthday celebration for the grand niece! Can't believe she'll be one year alread!

The weather has been - yucky - can't say much more than that! Took a second personal "snow day" and requested to make up the time. Noooooo, the "boss of the hour" is sticking to the union rules. Why me? After years of watching other people allowed to "make up the time" I'm sure tired of them pulling out the "union rules" when it suits them.  Just 3 more years - if I can hold on that long. Grrrrr, winter!
Enough of my rant,

Sunday, February 01, 2015

It's February :)

Still in love with hexies ..... I spent Friday evening first sewing on the binding, then decided I had made a mess of the machine quilted hearts in the border - so I picked it all out before sewing down the binding. All in all I'm happy with this one and will post it on my bulletin board at work :)
Next - I think will be a Valentine mug rug for the mater (shhhh), then perhaps I should get busy and finish off my 2 or 3 UFOs. That should get me to March when I can then start on some Spring projects - Ohhhhh, doesn't that sound nice ?
Spent Sat evening with one of my quilt friends watching movies - nice break from the regular routine and good movies too! Invite much appreciated :)