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Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter - Bah Humbug!

Another day of EXTREME cold - luckily it's Family Day in Ontario so I can stay home indoors and snuggle up! Yeah ! Not looking forward to the rest of the week - I don't do well at all in this kind of cold. Winter - bah humbug!
Finally got inspired Sunday afternoon. Got this fabulous umbrella fabric, with matching rain boot fabric a few weeks back. I have decided to work on a door hanging for Spring. Why dwell on the rotten cold weather - let's think Spring!! Here's what I got accomplished last night
I'm using the rain boots fabric as the umbrella base. The umbrella in the top left is going to change, I'm not happy with that green or just the single piece of it. As you can see I applique using freezer paper on top rather than fuse my pieces. So far I'm very happy with the white dotty fabric - makes me think of rain drops. stay tuned ...

New season of Vikings starts this week - WOOHOO, yeah Ragnar :)

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