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Monday, July 21, 2008

Miss Scarlet, in the Library with a Candlestick

So, I arrived home Friday pm after a rather long and anxiety prone week only to find a grave in my backyard! Yup, a grave!
To anyone with eyes it looks exactly like a grave, not a full adult sized grave ( phew! its not meant for me ...) yet not a tiny child sized one either, but a middling sized barrow. What the heck! Now someone with just the tinniest bit of imagination could get all paranoid about this event ... and just one week before I'm to take summer vacation - you know, stay home, relax, sit outside - AND STARE AT THE GRAVE ? Yuck, I don't think so!

Ok, Ok - relax. It seems the local utilities company is laying new underground wiring - or something equally technical and uninteresting. The "grave" is actually some kind of mound where, yes, something has been buried, but there is nothing nefarious about the whole episode. Drat, and I thought I was going to have an eventful week off!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Loose Screw

I have a loose screw. I am a loose screw.
At least that's what my neighbours must think ...

Ok, now let me explain. My bedroom TV has this rather annoying and stupid, yes I mean stupid little idiosyncrasy. You turn it on, and just as soon as you get nice and cosy under the covers with your weary head on the pillow the screen turns a lovely shade of blue. No picture, no sound, just blue. Not navy blue, not royal blue, not azure blue, not robin's egg blue ---------- JUST BLUE! It's driving me nuts!

Let me explain something else, in my middle years I developed insomnia and have come to rely on the idiot box to get me through those wee hours in the middle of the night. Somehow I developed the habit of sleeping with the remote in my hand, so when those vexatious wakeful moments/hours occur I can quickly turn on the boob tube, tune out and hopefully zone out just enough to fall back to sleep.

Except ...... just when whatever on the idiot box becomes ever so slightly captivating and my mind climbs up into consciousness - well, that's when the stupid machine turns blue !

So, somewhere along the line I have learned to beat the $#%@)*&*(# machine with a red shoe! I have stashed one of my ruby slippers (ok, not red, burgandy if you must be precise) on the floor beside the TV - close to hand so that I can quickly leap out of bed (ok , ok - stumble out of bed) while still in a state of semi consciousness and wail away at the boob tube.
I usually only need to beat the TV once per beddiebye time but last night, at 2 AM - there I was beating the machine with that garnet pump with such a fury that was surreal , and for some strange reason rather exhilarating, hilarious and satisfying. My neighbours must reallllllly wonder what the heck is going on! They must thing I've a screw loose somewhere - a real nut case! I know the cat certainly things I'm wild.

After that I got back to a wonderful albeit short sleep.

TTFN and happy ZZZZZZs to you all.