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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Iris - The Mighty Huntress

I know I know, she doesn't look terribly ferocious, but looks can be deceiving!!!! Last night Iris Sweetiepie Norris surprised her mommy and a poor recently fledged avian. I was in the front watering my Fall mums for - well maybe a whole 2 minutes, when I went back inside there was Iris Sweetiepie with a wee sparrow in her mouth.

ECK! What's a Mommy to do?

Well, firstly I calmly separate one very proud kitty from her winged hostage. Then I tossed a kitchen towel over the poor thing which was laying on the floor feigning a broken wing andsomewhat laboured breathing. Then, as calmly as I could I picked up the injured/scared birdie and kitchen towel and walked it out into the yard where I deposited the poor distressed sparrow under a pine tree.
I then spent the evening listening to Iris (formerly Sweetiepie, now renamed Mighty Huntress) meow plaintively at the screen door in a desperate attempt to get back outside and retrieve her prize!

NOT A CHANCE SWEETIEPIE, I mean Might Huntress!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm on Public Display!!

I'm on public display !! a real gallery, not a quilt show, not to knock quilt shows by any means. As a matter of fact our guild is having a show next month and you're all invited!
 So here' s my Cosmic Pumpkins and my Zebra Duet. The Zebras was a first place winner in 2004!

A Harvest of Quilts 2008
Friday, October 24, 10AM - 8PM
Saturday, October 25, 10AM - 5 PM

Rowntree Memorial Church
156 Elliott St. (at Cheapside)* (London On)
Admission: $5.00

(shamless plug) ;)

Friday, September 05, 2008

A Rose by Any Other Name ...

And a great big thank you goes out to my friend who generously gave me 3, or 4, or 5 or was it 6 Rose of Sharon sticks late last summer .... or was that 2 summers ago. Anyway, here's the result of her generosity and my green thumb (?). Oh, and the pic is mine mine mine! Yup, I took the pic with my very own new digital camera, and I (oh, I'm so technoproud) uploaded the pic just to share with you!

At first I thought there was only going to be one blossom, but it appears there are more than half a dozen blossoms now. Why it's flowering so late in the season I'm not sure, but hey- I'm not complaining! Along with the new hibiscus I just planted, I actually have some colour and blossoms in my wee garden. Things are picking up!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Lord of the Flies ....

I am Lord of the Flies I have conquered ... they are gone ! YEAH. Of course it has meant a considerable expenditure of effort and homicidal sweat ... and once the dastardly deeds were done I also needed to re-clean the glass in my sliding door and living room windows. Piggy would be proud of my glass cleaning efforts. And to my sorority sister who, not having read last week's entry, tried to insist that I must have a dead body somewhere around, you know, a dead mouse or a dead racoon or a dead skunk or something .... NO, like I stated clearly before - NO DEAD BODIES unless you count the flies, in which case there are hundreds - I'm proud to say!

Besides this rather dubious achievement I can not say I have achieved anything too significant this past long weekend, other than to talk with friends, hang out on the patio (mine as wells as a one belonging to a public drinking establishment), two relatively unsuccessful sewing projects which will need to be repeated/made larger/better/improved in some fashion, and in general relaxed and enjoyed the fantastic weather before the gathering storm.... of the returning hordes!

Wish me luck!