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Friday, July 27, 2012

Toxic people

ALWAY listen to your inner voice! Whenever I don't I always regret it. This is especially true for me this weekend! That voice has been whispering in my ear for several weeks, telling me "there's something just not right here". Did I listen ? Nooooooo. Now I find myself on my Condo Board for the next three years, and the neighbour who has been nattering at me all winter to get involved - well, she goes and resigns!
What the F_ _ _! Of course, not before she managed to argue with absolutely everyone, pushed the management company to the brink of resignation and spread her toxic stress around for all to enjoy. GRRRRRR! Another life lesson re-learned!!   ALWAYS LISTEN TO THAT INNER VOICE!

On a happier note, I'm on vacation - YEAH!! Nothing better than summer vacation, right?  Of course I have a To Do list a yard long, including lots and lots of sewing, in the daytime, in actual day light, Oh Joy! Oh Bliss! Stay tuned for lots and lots of show-n-tells coming soon :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer

So how's your summer going? Other than running back & forth between the parents mine is rather lazy. Above is the finished table runner using the 10 spinning 4 patch blocks I "won" at the guild workshop. I am sooo glad I added the lime green inner border and binding as it really makes it pop (least I think so). I used a slightly different lime green on the back, not my usual colour scheme, but I kinda like it! The burgundy spinning 4 patch is being basted as I write and I should start the quilting this evening .... stay tuned!
For those who follow this blog , mother's cataract surgery went fine, all's well and she is seeing better already! YEAH..

Sunday, July 15, 2012

So this week is cataract surgery for mother. I have taken a day off work to be with her at the hospital , then  back home and an overnight stay just to ensure she is comfortable. My sister will drop over the next day and spend the afternoon and dinner with her. Mother hasn't had surgery for over 40, 50 years, and is understandably nervous. My only experience with surgery was when I was 4 (?) and had my tonsils out. All I remember is the Junket puddings and ice cream ;), and being fussed over. So now it's mom's turn to be fussed over .... Since we live in the same town, this will be different for me, I haven't had a "sleep over" at mother's for years and years! The cats will be "ticked off" as I won't be there to feed them and let them out to play. It's only one night and only one eye. I expect that six months from now we'll be doing a repeat performance for the other eye. That's good, maybe mother will get back to reading. Now, if only we could solve the squealing hearing aid issue!!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Summer Bird feeder :)

So not too much happening on the home front these days - it's been TOOOOOO HOT!  A friend and I attended Summer Shakespeare at our local University - A Winter's Tale. Hadn't even heard of this play before, and now that I have can't say it was all that much different than most Shakespeare plays. Still, it was an outing and an enjoyable evening. I have been crafting -oh just a wee bit, and made several TeaCup bird feeders :)
After the fact I thought, how silly. I should have taken pictures and made it into a tutorial. Sorry, but here come mini intstructions:

  • go to your local hardware store and find some spiral garden stakes. In my case the "spiral" was not flat and I had to pound away to flatten the spiral.
  • Flattening the spiral so that it was level looks easy .... but I had quite a time on the first go round . Good luck with that one ladies
  • while at the hardware store get some epoxy glue. I used Gorilla glue
  • to make your's just like mine also pick up a fence post top. Sand, and paint to match the tea cup.
  • now go to your local thrift store and search out some nice tea cups. In my case I scored and found 2 matching cups and saucers
  • lightly sand the bottom of each cup, the inside and the bottom of the saucer
  • Glue the tea cup to it's saucer. 
  • I attached the fence post top to the spiral garden stake with  three cable straps
  • now, glue the tea cup to the top of the fence post top, fill with bird seed , and voila!
Of course you will have to watch out for those pesky squirrels, Cardinals, Blue Jays and other big birds  as this is a rather delicate bird feeder. You could fill it with water instead of bird seed for a wee bird bath, which might be interesting. Either way it looks lovely in your garden and just another craft to use up all those inherited (or not) tea cups!


Monday, July 02, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day everyone :) I did my now traditional patio picnic and had a friend and mother over. Potato salad, deviled eggs, coleslaw, cold ham, and Canada Day cake !!! YUM Got to love those Strawberries :) :)
I got totally into the theme, as you can see and found some flags for my center piece and red napkins !
Lots of fun, and nice to have company and entertain, now back to the weekly grind - least for another 3 weeks, then summer vacation. Can't wait!!

P.S. I did manage to get some sewing done. Here's one of the spinning 4 patch quilt tops put together - next I have to figure out the borders ..... any suggestions?