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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Summer Bird feeder :)

So not too much happening on the home front these days - it's been TOOOOOO HOT!  A friend and I attended Summer Shakespeare at our local University - A Winter's Tale. Hadn't even heard of this play before, and now that I have can't say it was all that much different than most Shakespeare plays. Still, it was an outing and an enjoyable evening. I have been crafting -oh just a wee bit, and made several TeaCup bird feeders :)
After the fact I thought, how silly. I should have taken pictures and made it into a tutorial. Sorry, but here come mini intstructions:

  • go to your local hardware store and find some spiral garden stakes. In my case the "spiral" was not flat and I had to pound away to flatten the spiral.
  • Flattening the spiral so that it was level looks easy .... but I had quite a time on the first go round . Good luck with that one ladies
  • while at the hardware store get some epoxy glue. I used Gorilla glue
  • to make your's just like mine also pick up a fence post top. Sand, and paint to match the tea cup.
  • now go to your local thrift store and search out some nice tea cups. In my case I scored and found 2 matching cups and saucers
  • lightly sand the bottom of each cup, the inside and the bottom of the saucer
  • Glue the tea cup to it's saucer. 
  • I attached the fence post top to the spiral garden stake with  three cable straps
  • now, glue the tea cup to the top of the fence post top, fill with bird seed , and voila!
Of course you will have to watch out for those pesky squirrels, Cardinals, Blue Jays and other big birds  as this is a rather delicate bird feeder. You could fill it with water instead of bird seed for a wee bird bath, which might be interesting. Either way it looks lovely in your garden and just another craft to use up all those inherited (or not) tea cups!


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