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Sunday, July 15, 2012

So this week is cataract surgery for mother. I have taken a day off work to be with her at the hospital , then  back home and an overnight stay just to ensure she is comfortable. My sister will drop over the next day and spend the afternoon and dinner with her. Mother hasn't had surgery for over 40, 50 years, and is understandably nervous. My only experience with surgery was when I was 4 (?) and had my tonsils out. All I remember is the Junket puddings and ice cream ;), and being fussed over. So now it's mom's turn to be fussed over .... Since we live in the same town, this will be different for me, I haven't had a "sleep over" at mother's for years and years! The cats will be "ticked off" as I won't be there to feed them and let them out to play. It's only one night and only one eye. I expect that six months from now we'll be doing a repeat performance for the other eye. That's good, maybe mother will get back to reading. Now, if only we could solve the squealing hearing aid issue!!


regan said...

Hoping your mom's surgery goes well! And I had totally forgotten about Junket! Wow!

The Cozy Quilter said...

Call me sometime about the squealing hearing aid. It should not be doing that! There are solutions!