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Monday, August 20, 2007

So, during this year's summer vacation I did some "antiquing" and after much fun and a plethora of wonderful shops I discovered just the thing I was NOT looking for! The above pic is not my own, but a reasonable facsimile of the actual church pew I purchased for my front hall. Of course, I actually started out on my shopping foray to obtain a digital camera, and if I hadn't gone directly into the first antique store I saw, I might actually have purchased a digital camera ... which, of course was the new acquitisiton I need, versus the acquisition I want. There's that shopping psychology catch 22 again!

The small pew I purchased is made of pine while the pictured pew is of oak .... not that I'm a wood snob or anything, but I musy say that I prefer pine! I am thoroughly happy and feel this exquisite addition pleasantly compliments the rest of my collection of antiques and collectibles.

Now back to the budgeting - so that maybe - just maybe - on my next shopping spree I will actually get that digital camera!