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Sunday, July 17, 2016


So last week a friend and I travelled out of town to shop for fabrics and pattern for a new baby quilt. I was so thrilled to get the wanted pattern (Fancy Foxes) and a bunch of fabrics in the colours I was looking for. I was also thrilled with the backing fabric I chose, although not foxes it was "modern" and in the right colours. Well, Imagine my huge disappointment this morning as I was folding the now washed fabric. Do you see it ? I didn't see it while the fabric was being measured and cut, and I'm sure the store owner didn't either, but there it is!!!!!
The fabric was factory seamed all the way from edge to edge!!!! I'm soooooooo disappointed WAHHHHHHHHH. Has this ever happened to you? Now, what am I going to do ? Should I go back to the store and request/ask/demand a whole new cut of fabric? The factory seam is smack dab @ 1.10cm mark! I'd have to cut out that part and seam the backing, and I'm not sure there's enough fabric. GRRRRRR. And I was going to start this project on my upcoming vacation. Soooooo disappointed. I'll email the shop owner and see what happens - will let you know later :(
The whole week wasn't completely bad, I managed one more mug rug, finishing off this lovely pink fabric. Also, I received some encouraging news. 1) I met with the financial people and YEAH I can afford to retire early - haven't officially decided yet - but nice to know!!
2) I finally, FINALLY got an answer @ work to my request from last FEBRUARY, yes you read that right, LAST FEBRUARY, when I requested a more flexible work shift to compensate for the fact that I had to arrive @ 7:15 am to get the accessible parking spot I need. (I had competition from another lady who also needed an accessible parking spot.) It took them 6 MONTHS, tons of paperwork and medical appointments, etc for them to agree to my request - sort of. They have agreed to allow me to change my work day IF NEEDED due to parking situation from 9-4:30 to 8-3:30 . Not quite the "flexible schedule" I asked for, but better than nothing and better late than never.
Word for this week:
Cavaderic - of/relating to a cadaver.
Which leads me to this interesting website I came across reccently Materials of Mourning .

Sunday, July 10, 2016

New Project !

Well, it's official. My niece & family are expecting again - woohoo! So, a new project to work on this summer. I emailed her pics of several E. Hartman patterns (they're soooo cute!) and this is the one she picked!
So yesterday was a chance to drive to Exeter and pick up the pattern and some fabrics. Had to go out of town since my local q shop burned down :(
The bottom fabric will be the backing, the grey is the background and the fat quarters will be the foxes. Trying to go "Modern" with this one, wish me luck! I think I did pretty well with my choice of fabrics even if I did forget the pic when I went shopping :(. Think I'll need to visit the Marsh store soon and get some darker grey for one of the foxes. Woohoo! a sewing project for this summer's vacation :).

On the home front I have managed one more mug rug. Another one is ready to go, just gotta get to it!
I also found my hand quilting mojo again, after a long winter hiatus,
and started working on the Wild Flowers quilt. Can't tell you why it has taken so long, for some reason I was blocked - not knowing how I would quilt it.  I no longer mark quilts, having adopted a free style to my hand quilting. Well, suddenly I knew how and where I would quilt this on - just outline quilt around each applique/ sunburst block! Since this is just a wall hanging it shouldn't take too long. Maybe I'll even have something to put in the quilt show this Fall!!
Word for the week:
Black Swan - an unforeseen or unpredictable event with extreme consequences, as in last week's fire was a real Black Swan event!

Monday, July 04, 2016

Local Tragedy

Our local quilt store, Cornerstone has gone up in smoke! I was standing on my front step chatting with a neighbour when I noticed a huge black cloud. We wondered what place was on fire. OMG, it's my local quilt store!!!! Actually the whole strip mall went up in smoke and several businesses were lost. Word from Judy, the shop owner is that nothing can be saved. What a loss!
And I was just going to drop in to purchase a baby quilt pattern! I didn't shop there as often as I wanted to and will deeply miss having a quilt store in the neighbourhood.
Word for this week:
Lachrima - tear(ful) as in This week has been lachrima