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Monday, July 04, 2016

Local Tragedy

Our local quilt store, Cornerstone has gone up in smoke! I was standing on my front step chatting with a neighbour when I noticed a huge black cloud. We wondered what place was on fire. OMG, it's my local quilt store!!!! Actually the whole strip mall went up in smoke and several businesses were lost. Word from Judy, the shop owner is that nothing can be saved. What a loss!
And I was just going to drop in to purchase a baby quilt pattern! I didn't shop there as often as I wanted to and will deeply miss having a quilt store in the neighbourhood.
Word for this week:
Lachrima - tear(ful) as in This week has been lachrima

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Kyrotime said...

OMGoodness, no one has said anything to me about this tragedy. I was at her show just days before leaving in early May & purchased the new batting she had. What a sad summer for all the business's in that strip mall.

Thanks for letting me know Cynthia, I do appreciate your thoughtfulness of the news, even the bad news.

Love the shutter vignette in your last blog, a lovely display that you can change year round as the seasons change. The C & N are in the permanent collect though! lol