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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Glorious Sunday :)

What a glorious Sunday - so aptly named and I am happy and thankful to be able to enjoy such a sunny day off! One week away from Thanksgiving (Canadian) and my home is half cleaned and decorated for the day even though I will likely not be entertaining! None-the-less I do enjoy some seasonal decorating :) don't you?
Even my plants are enjoying this glorious Fall weather - these are cuttings I'm rooting. They are "housed" in a tin box salvaged from the archives. I salvaged 5-6 from the old archives at the library. Originally they held LFP (London Free Press) photo negatives, but were conservatorily re-housed and staff were tossing these wonderful old tin boxes. Well, I just knew I had some kind of re-use for them ...
This tin box sits on my wash stand in the living room behind the lamp. I made a cloth liner for it and it holds all my sewing stuff (pin cushions, thread catchers, fabric scraps, de-sewer, etc). Great for de-cluttering :)
Along the re-use theme is my tablescape. The fabric is a piece of hand woven cloth from our 50 years ago  African (Nigerian) adventures, and the dark brown rattan plate was a dumpster dive retrieval!
I'm still nursing along the cut down plant I threw out (on the left). I thought it was dead after I took the cuttings (seen above) but it fooled me and sprouted leaves - a kind of re-cycling! So my plant table continues to be in the window and enjoys the Fall sun. Maybe someday my Orchid will even re-flower - maybe maybe maybe??

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumnal Weekend

So, it's been a lovely autumnal weekend. Sunny and not too cold. A friend and I went for a wee drive and dropped into Country Patchworks for their 8th anniversary sale. I took along my One Block Wonder book my friend generously gave me, because - you know - I need another project ;) Well, I really shouldn't have been fabric shopping at all. On Friday I bought myself a new winter coat. Ok, it was on sale, but still $. Then Sat morning before the road trip I hit the local fabric store for their 50% off sale. Did I get what I needed there? Not really - Duh. I bought the zippers I need for pyramid bags to match all the purses, but did I get any neutrals/whites for the next (Lil Twister table runners) project? Nooooo. I really must start a MUST HAVE list so I'm more prepared for these 50% off sales. Oh well, I did pick up my first bottle of  Best Press!
So, now that I've shot the budget for the next few months I will probably have to cancel our road trip to PH. Dang! Ah well, might be more fun in the spring anyway and maybe by that time I'll be needing some more fabric for the cubes in the One Block Wonder!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Fall!

It's a glorious day in the neighbourhood, bright and sunny and warm - YAHOO! and  I've been busy - as you can see! In total I have made 5 new purses, and 10 reversible covers! Shhhhh, most of these are Xmas presents, so don't tell anyone! This weekend I planned to finish off this project and make matching pyramid bags to insert into the purses as wee cosmetic bags (a nice touch I think!) and I still have some bag bottoms (say that fast 10 times, bag bottoms, bag bottoms - I dare ya!) 


Monday, September 03, 2012

Losing it!

I'm losing it! Really! This past week I "lost" several items and no matter where or how long I searched I just couldn't find anything! Now, I pride myself with the knowledge that I'm one of those people who "has a place for everything" and "puts everything in it's place". I ALWAYS put whatever wherever it belongs - except this last week!! So, this week I searched in vain for buttons, Velcro (I need to continue with the purse construction - see above), jewellery, and even a bra (how the heck do you lose one of these?!) OK, stop laughing ladies, I was successful and  found all but the last item :), and I will let the girls loose and go braless for the rest of this end of summer weekend - YEAH!
I'm on the patio and trying valiantly to enjoy this last summer weekend morning. Although I had 4 glorious days off work I've been tres busy! Friday was driving around town picking people up, lunching out-of-town and shopping at the not-so-local big box fabric/discount store. For the local ladies I'm referring to L's M. Now, this warehouse has no AC and it was another stinking hot day. By the time we finally go to the cutting table I  was parched  so pulled out my mini bottle of water for a much needed sip, whereupon the B_ _ _ _ clerk informed me I was not allowed any water as, are you ready?, "Water stains fabric".
 REALLY?  since when??
I left with a better understanding how the students feel @ my library when we go out and tell them they can't eat in the library! I vow this year I will not be a food/water Nazi and patrol our hallowed halls for errant eaters!
Sat. a friend dropped over and we watched the PBS quilting shows together, then off for lunch. Another trip to the other local fabric store where I got some more faux suede (more purses), then cutting and sewing etc. Sunday the mater and her elderly friend were over for lunch, then more sewing. Guess what's on the agenda for today? More sewing. I have orders and so have set up a production line!!
Wish me luck!! TTFN