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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumnal Weekend

So, it's been a lovely autumnal weekend. Sunny and not too cold. A friend and I went for a wee drive and dropped into Country Patchworks for their 8th anniversary sale. I took along my One Block Wonder book my friend generously gave me, because - you know - I need another project ;) Well, I really shouldn't have been fabric shopping at all. On Friday I bought myself a new winter coat. Ok, it was on sale, but still $. Then Sat morning before the road trip I hit the local fabric store for their 50% off sale. Did I get what I needed there? Not really - Duh. I bought the zippers I need for pyramid bags to match all the purses, but did I get any neutrals/whites for the next (Lil Twister table runners) project? Nooooo. I really must start a MUST HAVE list so I'm more prepared for these 50% off sales. Oh well, I did pick up my first bottle of  Best Press!
So, now that I've shot the budget for the next few months I will probably have to cancel our road trip to PH. Dang! Ah well, might be more fun in the spring anyway and maybe by that time I'll be needing some more fabric for the cubes in the One Block Wonder!

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