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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Glorious Sunday :)

What a glorious Sunday - so aptly named and I am happy and thankful to be able to enjoy such a sunny day off! One week away from Thanksgiving (Canadian) and my home is half cleaned and decorated for the day even though I will likely not be entertaining! None-the-less I do enjoy some seasonal decorating :) don't you?
Even my plants are enjoying this glorious Fall weather - these are cuttings I'm rooting. They are "housed" in a tin box salvaged from the archives. I salvaged 5-6 from the old archives at the library. Originally they held LFP (London Free Press) photo negatives, but were conservatorily re-housed and staff were tossing these wonderful old tin boxes. Well, I just knew I had some kind of re-use for them ...
This tin box sits on my wash stand in the living room behind the lamp. I made a cloth liner for it and it holds all my sewing stuff (pin cushions, thread catchers, fabric scraps, de-sewer, etc). Great for de-cluttering :)
Along the re-use theme is my tablescape. The fabric is a piece of hand woven cloth from our 50 years ago  African (Nigerian) adventures, and the dark brown rattan plate was a dumpster dive retrieval!
I'm still nursing along the cut down plant I threw out (on the left). I thought it was dead after I took the cuttings (seen above) but it fooled me and sprouted leaves - a kind of re-cycling! So my plant table continues to be in the window and enjoys the Fall sun. Maybe someday my Orchid will even re-flower - maybe maybe maybe??

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