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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lions and Lambs & Quilt Shows

So, last post I extolled the glories of Spring - and jinked us all! I guess March came in as a Lamb and is going out as a Lion! This past week has been grey and snowy and cccccold and yucky! So, blame it on me, it's all my fault! Sorry;(
On the other hand, the season for quilt shows has begun and a couple of friends and I traveled to the Exeter Heritage Quilt exhibit. Excellent. (pic above not from the show as I forgot my camera!) What I liked the most about the show was the wee drive, the day was lovely and sunny, and seeing the heritage quilts. Helped put my collection of vintage/antique quilts into perspective.
The sun is out today, so I hope to go for a wee walk and enjoy the bright cold weather. Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Thank G Spring Has Sprung! For the cats and I it was a too long winter! Ok, I know what you're thinking .... I just jinxed it and now it will snow again (shhhhh!) All I can say is my Daffodils have sprouted in the back garden, and Simone is out wandering in the sun and trying to chase Robins :)
I must be getting old or something, but this year I found it really difficult to acclimatize to DST. I am either sleeping when I should be quilting or wide awake when I should be sleeping! Oh No! Consequently I have nothing to show-n-tell/report to you about my stitching. But hold on, it will come back. Happy spring everybody!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lessons Learned/Re-Learned

Well, last week I chatted about reading instructions, and the lesson I re-learned was that no matter how many times I read the instructions, my AAD (age attention deficit) will kick in and I will impulsively jump in where no woman dares to go ... and end up unsewing at least once!

This week I'm chatting about other life lessons I have re-learned! This past week was Septimana Horribilis for me (Horrible Week - for those who's Latin is a bit shy). It started off with a simple, private e-question that lead to a public "surprise" answer. OK, I have my big girl pants on, but didn't need to start the week swallowing that one. At work the next day I was again "surprised" at a committee meeting which led to added workload and another committee involvement (like I don't have enough?!) Wednesday was spent eating crow and making amends for the Monday surprise. Thursday was guild meeting where I distributed an updated Stitch-n-Bitch address/schedule. One of the participants bemoaned the list as it didn't quite suit her ....! Lesson re-learned = NEVER volunteer to be the organizer 'cause ya can't make everyone happy (sometimes nobody)!
Also on Thursday I sent off a quick blurb about copyright and quilting (I had been asked about it the month before), only to have my submission queried. I'm pretty sure what I sent was an OK article, so the question stung a wee bit. Lessons re-learned, proof read twice (at least) before hitting send, and never never write another article for the newsletter!
Just to top the week off - this is what we woke up to on Friday ... Lesson re-learned = Spring never comes fast enough!!
P.S.: I've heard a few people agree with me about volunteering.... The best carrot for getting volunteers and keeping them is to treat them with respect and appreciation!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Luck of the Irish to you ..

Happy St. Patty's day everyone! Just in case you thought I had abandoned this project - au contraire .. but since I hand quilt, including hand stippling, this one took awhile. None-the-less its done. Woohoo! If I were to make it again, and I very much doubt that, I would use darker green squares in the outer corners, and a higher contrast neutral between the inner background and the outer background (yes, they are different fabrics)
So, what else is on the agenda? Well, still grappling with what to make for the upcoming Quilt Ontario Invitational show ... hmmmmm. Have lots of ideas - that's not the problem, indecision is the main problem! It will be smallish, whatever it turns out to be. Wish me luck!
Below are this month's fabric postcards .... more Irish, yes, that's right - I'm GREEN all the way!