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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lions and Lambs & Quilt Shows

So, last post I extolled the glories of Spring - and jinked us all! I guess March came in as a Lamb and is going out as a Lion! This past week has been grey and snowy and cccccold and yucky! So, blame it on me, it's all my fault! Sorry;(
On the other hand, the season for quilt shows has begun and a couple of friends and I traveled to the Exeter Heritage Quilt exhibit. Excellent. (pic above not from the show as I forgot my camera!) What I liked the most about the show was the wee drive, the day was lovely and sunny, and seeing the heritage quilts. Helped put my collection of vintage/antique quilts into perspective.
The sun is out today, so I hope to go for a wee walk and enjoy the bright cold weather. Have a great week everyone!

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