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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunny Sundays

 Ah, another sunny Sunday TG! Considering we've had a cold rainy week I think it's rather nice of the weather person to give us a sunny Sunday - we need it! At least I do, I'm really not that good when it's cold and damp and drizzly; my mood gets blacker and I just want to hibernate. But the sun does wonders for rejuvenation and recuperation, even the cats love the sun and it is so beautiful shinning through the red leaves of my Japanese Maple!

Progress on the home front ... I have only 2 side borders to complete and the binding and maybe, just maybe I'll have a Show n Share for the next guild meeting. I also completed both, yes both casserole covers. That's 4 Christmas presents ready to go! Onwards to last year's Christmas project.  I really wanted to do this one last year but just simply ran out of time. This year I have almost 2 months; I think I can accomplish it this time! Lucky recipient. After the holidays its MY TIME. That's a commitment to me Me ME !

 So I spent several hours last week planning the layout of my quilt display in the library and determined I need to pull at least one large quilt out of the show. Too bad, as I really wanted to display a traditional quilt and not just pictorial items, but what can you do. I think I'm ready, and have lined up a family member to assist with the hanging. Spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon at the local Irish Quilt show in AC with mother. She needed the company and a day out, her best friend just passed away, but wasn't great company as her sciatica has returned.  As I said in a previous post, poor mother is really having a annus horribilis .

Postcards I have received that I love!

Thanks to the ladies in the Thursday BnS group I now have a re-juvenated attitude towards spending so much time with mother. For awhile there I was resenting it, but have reassessed. Thanks ladies, it was a great evening, I really enjoyed and needed the laughter and friendship. Perhaps I have found my place after all.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ah, Sunday mornings ...

Don't ya just love a bright sunny Sunday morning? Especially in the Fall when the leaves have turned colour and there's a crispness to the air. Ahhhhhhhh
It's been awhile since I last blogged .... mea culpa .... I got a new laptop and as you can all guess ... I've been having fun getting it all set up and all the files I want/need transferred over, etc. Also, its been totally crazy at work, Thanksgiving and family stuff and I'm trying desperately to get some work done on all those Christmas gifts I decided to make ! What was I thinking ???? Was I crazy???? again this year ????  What makes me think I can make everyone a gift, manage work, and yoga and a personal life, etc etc etc. I don't know how some women do it with kids and all! Phew!!!

Anyway, enough whinning . Above is what's on the frame right now .... shhhh! don't tell as it will be a gift!

I'm also making some quilted casserole covers as gifts, above is the inside fabric and the outer "garlic" fabric. I think they'll be nice and work out ok ... here's hoping anyway! Below is a pile of the bias binding ... ran out of fabric so it was a quick run to get more!

Oh, and BTW, did I tell you I'm also organizing a small quilt show in the gallery at my Library. They asked me to show some of my quilts. I've worked up an "artist's statement" and this weekend bought the boards to hang the quilts on. Now all I have to do is round up someone to assist me in hanging them ... I think I've wrecked my shoulder again - oh no!

Anyway, onwards and upwards ... here's hoping for a quick and warm winter!