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Sunday, July 21, 2013

My contributions this week to our Wellspring charity drive, three water bottle carriers. I included the water bottles, Dollar store items which are BPA free! Other than that I have not accomplished much! It's been stinky hot/humid for almost 2 weeks and I have to admit this summer it's getting to me. Yesterday and today have been wonderful though as the temp has dropped a wee bit and the humidity has vanished :)
Don't know how the old folks can take it - they have no AC! Course they do have a pool in the backyard - maybe they've taken a dip or two. This past week was the big meet (both families) to discuss alternate living arrangements for the seniors. This is so hard as we know neither of them want to leave their house, but ...... it's going to be a long process ....
Next week is my last work week then 3 WEEKS off - YEAH. No particular plans except to get both baths painted up. Hired someone to do it for me (I'm so lazy this year...). Will be nice to have these rooms freshened up.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Of interest perhaps?

Hydrangeas :)

Just had to take a pic, even though they are slightly bent over from the recent rainstorms. My Hydrangeas only stay white for a few days, soon they'll be a lovely limey green. I like them white, but am happy they thrive in my lower garden no matter what colour :). They do a good job of hiding the AC unit.

Sunday, July 07, 2013


It has NOT been a good week :(. It's been tres humid and with my respiratory issues I'm exhausted and crabby and have developed the dropsies. Is it just me? Is it the weather? Or is old age creeping in? Anyway, I had to open up the ironing board Wednesday morning for something to wear to work. The ironing board had been taken down for vacuuming the weekend before. It's an old, heavy, wooden ironing board. When I say heavy I MEAN HEAVY. So, I'm holding the ironing board waiting for the legs to fall open when the whole thing just drops out of my hands ! YIKES. Not only does it land with a heavy THUD, but immediately afterwards I hear CRASH then another CRASH from downstairs. I just knew something was not good ....
My favourite Aynsley cake plate! which normally resides on a nice white shelf in the dining room on the floor in pieces ;(. I spent 4 hours on Ebay/Google trying to find a replacement. Apparently this is a rare vintage pattern - it doesn't even have a name. DARN! and I have the cream & sugar and 2 tea cups with saucers to match. It was a set .... Nothing survives my hard white ceramic floor .
And my second favourite Aynsley cake plate! It may look like these are big chunks which could be glued back together - nooooo, there were lots of tiny fragments. Boo hoo, woe is me ;( . I know - they're just things, I'll get over it, but it was not a fun way to start my morning ....

Being known as a quilter we all know you are susceptible to those who don't sew but have their grandmother's quilt  ...... You know how that goes, right? Well last week it was a work colleague with a found quilt (actually a "crazy" coverlet made from upholstery fabric) from her grandmother's  trunk. She wants to hang it up in her living room - can I help? So I spend most of Saturday afternoon hand sewing a hanging sleeve on the back. Here's a pic!
Here's hoping next week is much much better.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

The Gold Finch is back and he brought his wife :) Nice to see on this Canada Day weekend. Got the house cleaned, the shrubs trimmed, the cats petted, the laundry done, the parents visited, and ...... drum roll please ...... Felines and Flutterbies is on the frame!!
One whole evening to sandwich it, and another 1/2 day to baste it, an it's almost ready to start stitching!  The yellowy green fabric you see along the edges is the backing turned over to the front to protect the edges of the quilt as I quilt it. Now will I be "liberated" and quilt as desired ? I think so  - wish me luck :)