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Sunday, July 21, 2013

My contributions this week to our Wellspring charity drive, three water bottle carriers. I included the water bottles, Dollar store items which are BPA free! Other than that I have not accomplished much! It's been stinky hot/humid for almost 2 weeks and I have to admit this summer it's getting to me. Yesterday and today have been wonderful though as the temp has dropped a wee bit and the humidity has vanished :)
Don't know how the old folks can take it - they have no AC! Course they do have a pool in the backyard - maybe they've taken a dip or two. This past week was the big meet (both families) to discuss alternate living arrangements for the seniors. This is so hard as we know neither of them want to leave their house, but ...... it's going to be a long process ....
Next week is my last work week then 3 WEEKS off - YEAH. No particular plans except to get both baths painted up. Hired someone to do it for me (I'm so lazy this year...). Will be nice to have these rooms freshened up.

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