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Thursday, June 22, 2017

This and That

So I now totally understand retired people who always told me they don't know how they found the time to work!  I used to worry that when I retired I would be bored - too much time on my hands. HA !
Here's my busy story  .... I decided to take advantage of the flyer that came in the mail and have my furnace and AC unit checked having never done it since I moved in.  Well, the technician was a woman (nice to see - yeah ladies) and after some checks of this and that she red tagged my furnace and shut off the gas!! It was leaking carbon monoxide!! Now I don't quite understand why I hadn't noticed this before, after all I spent 3 months sleeping on the couch in the living room (that much closer to the furnace), and I do have a CO1 detector (upstairs). Anyway, long story short I now have a new furnace.  I decided to also have the water heater replaced since they were of the same appliance age. So all this also involved tearing apart the front hallway, the stairs going down and my carefully crafted storage of this and that behind the furnace. OF COURSE this led to a cleanup of the basement  = two truckloads to the dump (THANKS Vince and Mark!) and a carload to the Goodwill. I also managed to get 2 bags of paper shredded and out of the house :). Wonderful start on my downsizing/cleanup, unfortunately not the end .... 
While the hallway was uprooted I also re-hung my quilted wall hangings on the rod I specifically purchased for them, which also involved filling all holes in the wall and finding the hallway paint  to cover up the old holes.  Although I used my level it still looks like the rod is not even - Grrrrr!  House not totally back to normal yet but feeling like I've accomplished a few things - YEAH!

In case all this  kerfuffle wasn't enough  the government is offering a $1900 rebate for new energy efficient furnaces but in order to get it you have to be inspected .... once before the new furnace goes in and once afterwards in order to get the rebate!  So 1st inspection done, had to get some spray foam to close up a couple of air leaks. 2nd inspection set up for early July, but wait - not done yet ....  I also got called for a spot inspection by ESA so now I have that to contend with also !
Sad to say there was another family funeral this week. Here I am with my sister and three of our cousins at the luncheon afterwards. Must be that time of life as it seems my family is dropping like flies  as we lose the older generation! :(