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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Holidays !

Several years ago I purchased a panel with several old fashioned Santa Claus on it. I made several of these panels and gave some away. Recently I saw a pic of 3 of them in our guild newsletter and dug mine out, here's the one I have in my front door currently ...
Well, I don't know about you but I've been way too busy! I have survived 3 potluck dinners, including the "surprise" potluck I arranged for my sewing group ladies. Phew! That was quite the task and
amazingly it all went off without a hitch and was a surprise :) . I won't go into all the crazy details ... suffice it to say my organization skills were taxed, and being a bit of a
perfectionist I was worried everything would fall apart.  So I was relieved when it all worked out. My sewing lady friends are a great bunch of ladies, and I was pleasantly surprised with a couple of gifts! A fab sewing bag from C M-R Thank You!, and some antique china (4 desert and 4 bread & butter plates) from B M, another Thank you! Now how did she know I like antique china , hmmmmm. And then there was my "secret Santa gift ...
Woohoo! I love it ! a metre each of fab Xmas fabric, enough to make placemats (as suggested) or a real nice table runner! That's going into the Holiday sewing basket for next year :) :)
 I have also survived 3 holiday parties and additional shopping tasks (I now do some of the mater's shopping). Officially I am now on vacation (YEAH) and spent the first day cleaning and holiday decorating. I wasn't going to as Xmas is only 4 days away, but I have to admit I love love love all the red (my favourite colour) and my tree is up :) I'm staying inside again today as we are enduring an "ice storm" - more like a bit a freezing rain but you know the 24 hr news/weather channels always dramatize any bit of inclement weather ...
I have finished most of my holiday sewing and knitting. Here is a pic of the5 ruffle scarves I knit, then re-knit as I didn't like how they turned out the first time! (to be honest, one of them is for me ...). And then there are the 2 Xmas aprons I made for my sister & brother-in-law since they always make the Xmas dinner.... and just for the fun of it a few (6) kitchen towels to hang on the stove ...
Just one more sewing task to complete today, then I can start wrapping up all these presents! Phew!

Have a very Merry one everyone :)

Sunday, December 08, 2013

It's a Hit!

Today was baby shower day. My niece is due in late February. Can you guess what they are expecting?
My sister held the baby shower and it was well attended and lots of fun! Don't know about you but I enjoy showers as you get to see the creative wrappings and all the new products out there.
Lisa was pleased with the three bibs I made (2 in PUL Owl fabric, and 1 in Peter rabbit fabric). Wish I had made more, just not enough time! She also loved the baby socks my fellow Sew What's (stitch-n-bitch group) friend made, THANKS ANN!!
Of course the big hit was the Owl quilt, even though it's not even quilted yet!! I've got a machine quilter booked for January, after the Xmas rush, so it should be ready for when the baby is born! Yeah !