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Sunday, July 10, 2016

New Project !

Well, it's official. My niece & family are expecting again - woohoo! So, a new project to work on this summer. I emailed her pics of several E. Hartman patterns (they're soooo cute!) and this is the one she picked!
So yesterday was a chance to drive to Exeter and pick up the pattern and some fabrics. Had to go out of town since my local q shop burned down :(
The bottom fabric will be the backing, the grey is the background and the fat quarters will be the foxes. Trying to go "Modern" with this one, wish me luck! I think I did pretty well with my choice of fabrics even if I did forget the pic when I went shopping :(. Think I'll need to visit the Marsh store soon and get some darker grey for one of the foxes. Woohoo! a sewing project for this summer's vacation :).

On the home front I have managed one more mug rug. Another one is ready to go, just gotta get to it!
I also found my hand quilting mojo again, after a long winter hiatus,
and started working on the Wild Flowers quilt. Can't tell you why it has taken so long, for some reason I was blocked - not knowing how I would quilt it.  I no longer mark quilts, having adopted a free style to my hand quilting. Well, suddenly I knew how and where I would quilt this on - just outline quilt around each applique/ sunburst block! Since this is just a wall hanging it shouldn't take too long. Maybe I'll even have something to put in the quilt show this Fall!!
Word for the week:
Black Swan - an unforeseen or unpredictable event with extreme consequences, as in last week's fire was a real Black Swan event!

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