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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Iris - The Mighty Huntress

I know I know, she doesn't look terribly ferocious, but looks can be deceiving!!!! Last night Iris Sweetiepie Norris surprised her mommy and a poor recently fledged avian. I was in the front watering my Fall mums for - well maybe a whole 2 minutes, when I went back inside there was Iris Sweetiepie with a wee sparrow in her mouth.

ECK! What's a Mommy to do?

Well, firstly I calmly separate one very proud kitty from her winged hostage. Then I tossed a kitchen towel over the poor thing which was laying on the floor feigning a broken wing andsomewhat laboured breathing. Then, as calmly as I could I picked up the injured/scared birdie and kitchen towel and walked it out into the yard where I deposited the poor distressed sparrow under a pine tree.
I then spent the evening listening to Iris (formerly Sweetiepie, now renamed Mighty Huntress) meow plaintively at the screen door in a desperate attempt to get back outside and retrieve her prize!

NOT A CHANCE SWEETIEPIE, I mean Might Huntress!

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