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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Lost Brains

So it's official ... I have finally and perhaps irrevocably lost them. I don't really know where I put them but they have definitely left the building.

This past weekend I had another one of my all too frequent I Don't Know What I Was Thinking episodes - you know the kind, where you go out, and against your better judgement purchase something/ volunteer for something, or, in my case adopt another psycho feline!


I was thinking that poor little sweetiepie Iris is driving me crazy wanting to play all the time, and I, lazy mummy that I am, want to sit and quilt...
So, now that Iris is all settled in and happy and well adjusted, I had better find her a companion. When the Kijijii cat deal fell through silly me then responded to a Penny Saver ad to "give a home to a wonderful Himalyan/Persian/Ragdoll - FREE" . Yes ladies - you guessed it, I once again got taken in by the "FREE" word.

So, now I have psycho cat (a beautiful cross between a Siamese and a Ragdoll), ensconced somewhere in the nether regions of my basement - ohhh I hope she's still in the family room and not in the laundry room where she can get into the rafters and hide forever ....

Ok, ok, calm down. I must remain calm. Let us remember back to the early days of Iris
(named after the famous British woman writer Iris Murdock) who hid under my bed for 2 weeks and would not come out! Maybe we'll get lucky again and this baby will warm up to Iris and me tout de suite. In eager anticipation I have decided to go ahead and name this new, as yet unseen baby ....... wait for it ....... Simone, after the famous French feminist Simone de Beauvoir. From what I can remember seeing of her at the kitty mill - she looked French. I know - she's half Siamese ... so I suppose she's actually Indochine which means she must then be related to Margeurite Duras, another favourite French feminist writer.... Come to think of it I did have a all white cat one time named Pearl which I always associate with Duras' famous novel The Lover. Oh .... don't get me started down that existential path!

Pics will be forth coming whenever Simone finally decides to come out of hiding and pose for us!
Wish us luck!!

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