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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Simone Sightings

I hereby cheerfully announce two, not one, not three but TWO, yes TWO Simone sightings - today. For my dear readers who are as yet not introduced to Simone ... she is a beautiful, yet terribly timid Siamese/Ragdoll cross I "adopted" from a cattery on Oct. 6th, 2008.
I was informed that Simone was "spastic" (no evidence of spasms so far), had only produced one kitten, hence was being given away for free by the breeder, and was bullied by the other free roaming cats in the cattery. I was Simone's "last chance" at life, so she immediately came home with me as I have an oh too soft a heart.
Simone has been in hiding in the basement since Oct 6th!Most "experts" will tell you to keep cats separated while the new one adjusts to her surroundings, hence the basement. Being extraordinarily timid, Simone immediately picked a hiding spot behind the TV in the entertainment unit! I allowed this for 1 1/2 weeks since she seemed comfortable, but have since pushed back the TV forcing Simone into a newer - more accessible hiding spot. She is now residing under the loveseat. Each week I pin up another portion of the skirt on the loveseat to reveal her more and more. We currently have the loveseat pulled away from the wall so Simone can not back up against the wall. Every day 2-3 times per day I go down and lay on the floor and talk and purr and sing and make all kinds of silly (but quiet) noises to Simone. I have attempted to reach out with my hand, but she has quickly reminded me (claws in luckily) that she is not yet ready for any touchy feely stuff.

Soon I will have to upend the loveseat so Simone can not hide under the couch at all! Iris at first was taking this all with great difficulty, hissing and growling and much tail wooshing! Now she goes downstairs into the basement and looks at Simone then walks away. It seems to be a Mexican standoff at this point. Wish me luck - here's hoping that lovely Simone comes upstairs by the holiday season.


Holiday Maker said...

look like you have to spend sometime to train your lovely Simone cat.

Idle hands, empty brain ... said...

Training is a post settling issue. First I think I need to calm Simone down so that she feels at home and "likes" her new family. I came across a wonderful website from "Best of Friends" ( which talks about the long process of socializing a cat which is VERY shy/timid and/or abused/neglected. Very informative and helpful.