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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Bugs on a Screen Door

Update #1: the number of Simone sightings have increased. The couch in the basement is now propped up against the wall so she can not truly hide under the couch, although she still takes shelter -in the "shade" of the couch. Since she appears to be food driven I have increased the amount, variety and times for food treats, and have started to use them to actively attempt to coax her out from the shade into the sunlight! I have also begun to move her food/water dishes out of the basement room and will slowly move them up the stairs, thus coaxing Simone into our society. Iris has been going downstairs, voluntarily, and it seems the growling has stopped. BIG Step!

Update #2: I have finished the Bugs on a Screen Door baby quilt, YEAH . It is now bound and awaiting inspiration for the label. Otherwise DONE. The quilt is hand appliqued, and hand quilted and will shortly be off to the family to help celebrate the birth of their one and only son (they already have a girl). I hope they like it!Update #3: I have been off work sick with this nasty cold that's making the rounds. Working with the public can be fun, exciting and stimulating, but it's not always good for your health! For me it started as a cold just after Thanksgiving, morphed into a sinus infection about a week later, and has now upgraded into laryngitis - ah well, people tell me I talk too much anyway!!!

Update #4: Speaking of October, you may remember my recent Full Moon Crazies blog entry. I am determined to take the high road on all this schoolyard silliness and not be dragged into unproductive discussions. It is what it is, no one is right, no one is wrong. I may have over reacted (I'll admit I can be drama queen), but the "incident" was the culmination of months of unsophisticated behaviour I have endured patiently from this person, and does not excuse her use of physical force.The point is it doesn't have to leave a bruise to hurt my soul.


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