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Monday, November 24, 2008

Retail Therapy

"Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it." - Jane Wagner
Ain't that the truth!!

Lately I've been dealing with, or at least attempting to deal with stress. Where does it come from anyway - really I don't think my life is all that complicated ... I know I like to keep busy 'cause I hate just sitting around, but me thinks I'm a wee bit too busy for my own good! Anyway I've been trying to get other people to take over some tasks and/or just let certain things go... 'cause it just isn't worth it anymore!

So, this past weekend a friend and I did a little retail therapy - Whoohoo! It was a quilt shop hop, but the weather was not kind (major snow storm), so the driving wasn't fun, luckily it wasn't me driving. The company was great and we got to visit several "new" stores which is always fun, and we both got lots of new fabric and books! Now if only I can find the time to put all this retail therapy to good use! HA!

Simone updates ..... she has been coming up the stairs and peeking over the threshold into the main living area. I thought I might just tempt her into coming all the way out when the mighty Iris decided to defend her home turf and scare poor Simone back into hiding in the basement. She now comes out of "hiding" when I enter the basement in anticipation of the treats I'm trying to tempt her with - er I mean train her. Like I keep saying ... two steps back one step forward!
Tablescape for October
note the 2 devil cats!

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