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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm on Public Display!!

I'm on public display !! a real gallery, not a quilt show, not to knock quilt shows by any means. As a matter of fact our guild is having a show next month and you're all invited!
 So here' s my Cosmic Pumpkins and my Zebra Duet. The Zebras was a first place winner in 2004!

A Harvest of Quilts 2008
Friday, October 24, 10AM - 8PM
Saturday, October 25, 10AM - 5 PM

Rowntree Memorial Church
156 Elliott St. (at Cheapside)* (London On)
Admission: $5.00

(shamless plug) ;)

1 comment:

comicbooklady said...

awesome plug! congrats on the art show submission! Received my sock monkeys postcard today, thanks!